Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now This Is Winter! (4)

Yay. More shots of shnow for your emotional pining of all things cold....Sorry about that. Got a sobering reality check yesterday (7/29) from a co-worker who suffers from the same genetic malady that I do, and I don't want to have it bleed into my blogging. After all, a blog is escapism at its very finest and one should try suspend the real world from invading it as much as humanly possible.

With that said, on with the show!

Another fine outstanding example of how much snow we got slammed with this past season, and as you can see, the plow basically went down the middle of the street and created a true one car pathway. And yes, those snowbanks are basically my height (5' 7") give or take a few inches.

They did run a sander on the road as well. Just not at the same time as the plow. The width of this road (my street) is about a car and a half, give or take. Amazingly enough, with all of this snow, we did not lose power in our neighborhood during the entire winter season.

Another fine example of Jenelle's creativity. This is a picture of a bird in a tree. The detail in the drawing is pretty good.

A clearer version of the picture, complete with the legendary Mr. Ducky.

About a month later, when the weather started to warm up to the point of melting the snow.


  1. A month? What did you do for that month?

  2. R: I walked in the snow. This particular photo was taken around March.

  3. Ah, reminds me of the winter we had in Chicago... it was actually sort of nice (but only because I didn't have to shovel any of those huge snowdrifts :)).

    Your daughter is so talented! :)

  4. Lisa: Thanks.

    Winter in Chicago. At least they were able to competantly and successfully plow the city streets without gumming up traffic.

  5. G, thank you for your escapism here. I am cooled off by these photos, it being here 106. And our house A/C on the blink now for over 24 hours.

    Slept in the tree house last night! One lovely window A/C unit there working fine and dandy.

    take care!!

  6. Jannie: Holy cow, 106!

    Hopefully you got something of a breeze last night in the treehouse.

    And glad I was able to provide a little escapism to cool you off with. :D


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