Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mother Nature Interruptus

For those of you who were expecting a new post here, it's been delayed a week, due to Mother Nature's temper tantrum called Hurricane Irene, which is expected to deliver a nasty drive-by to Connecticut this weekend (August 27th & 28).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Many Days In The Life Of Yello Bear (2)

After I had G take me to the post office to buy some money orders in which to pay my bills, I was feeling a bit peckish. So I had G take me to D&D to pick up a tasty munchie in which to quench my hunger. Now since I often like to share my tasty snack with my friend, this usually means I don't buy something with lots of sugar, like a cinnamon roll or a Boston eclair, or even a glazed donut (mmmm....donut). Instead, I buy a tasty bagel or croissant, toasted to a golden brown and dripping with butter (mmmm....butter). Yummy for the tummy!

A brief interruption as Holly the Cat was throwing a temper tantrum because she wanted to make an appearance and I didn't want her in my little pictorial journey. However, G prevailed because he threatened to make me listen to Robert Byrd and his magical banjo of bluegrass if I didn't agree to let Holly make an appearance. Since I, Yello Bear, is a diehard moderate Republican with hardly any leanings to the left side of the aisle, and the thought of listening to a moldy oldy politician playing music scares me almost as much as admitting to the fact that I voted for Slick Willie twice*, I acquiesced.

And what journey wouldn't be complete without making a stop at this blog's favorite park and front page header. G was complaining that he needed a breather, so even though I was full of vim and vinegar and roaring to go, I gave G the benefit of the doubt and made a pit stop at the Banks Corner Park. He sat on his butt shortly after taking this picture, while I decided to soak up a few rays of sunshiny goodness.

Our ultimate destination this day was the school playground, where G's daughter spent K-4 attending school. I just loves the swing, and the fortunate thing is that G does as well. So much so that short after taking this pic, he hopped on the swing and swung until he was about ten feet in the air. Naturally he didn't jump off, but instead gave me a boost and I jumped an extra fifteen in the air and executed a perfect 1440 before landing in the soft wood chips on my belly.

And unlike G, I is very good in geography, as you can see that I was able to pick out the fine state of Connecticut from this funky colored map on the first try.

You bellowed?
You blithering idiot! How many times do I have to tell you that before you post a picture, you have to make doubly sure that it is facing in the proper direction!
What? It's facing in the right direction. Aren't you laying down to take a nap?
No, I'm not lying down taking a nap, you doofus! This is a picture of me sitting on the wall holding my walking stick! If I was lying down, do you seriously think that the stick would still be horizontal like that?
Ummm, yes?
Ummm, no.
You and I need to have a seriously long chat in the backyard when we get home today. Do I make myself clear, crystal or otherwise?

G shuffles off towards home, leaving an angry Yello Bear to stew in his own juices

*Truthfully, I voted for Clinton twice, only because GHWB wasn't a viable candidate the first time, and Bob Dole definitely wasn't a viable candidate the second time.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Many Days In The Life Of Yello Bear (1)

No, it's not this particular fun-filled song (used for a theme song in a syndicated radio show called Flashback in the 80's), but simply a peek at the many days in my life.

Howdy everyone! Yello Bear here, with my trusty left hand man G doing the transcription and whatever else that I deem necessary to the stroking of my ginormous ego here on my new home. Forget about the fact that this blog is maintained by my trusty left hand man G here, this is Yello Bear's blog now. I may turn it back over to G if he stops doing his impersonation of the gimp and starts acting more like Sherman.

I usually like to start my mornings off with a little branch balancing. I need to keep extra flexible so that I can drink all of that honey flavored Mello Yello soda without getting sick. Just look how toned my arms and legs are in this picture. I tell ya, I am one hot piece of bear that the chicks go crazy over.

Hey G! Didn't I tell you not to take any pictures without me in them? Yes, I know its Old Glory flying at half staff. Man, that flag does look majestic flying in the wind, don't it? Okay, Old Glory is the only righteous exception that I will make to my egotistical rules. You did good and I'm proud of you.

I do all of my banking at Webster Bank, for two reasons: 1} it's best local bank in the state, which is saying a lot because most of the local banks have been swallowed up by very large corporations (Wells Fargo, Niagara), and 2} it ain't Skank of America.

I also like to have my morning cup of java from D&D, but G scoffs at my choice of liquid refreshment, so he goes to...yeech...Starbucks. And sometimes, he'll drink Starbucks sleazier offspring, Seattle's Best Brew. I mean, what kind of manly man drinks coffee from some yuppie-fied place that features healthy foods and c.d.'s from people who should've left the music biz 15 years ago?

After I get my caffeine crave satisfied at D&D, I next go to the post office to pick up a few money orders and stamps so that G can pay my bills for me. What? No, I don't spend MY money to pay MY bills. I spend G's money to pay MY bills. After all, isn't that what a left hand man is for? Exactly, a bottomless pit of money.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now This Is Winter! (5)

And now, it's time to close out the 2010/2011 winter season with the final installment of our series. Starting next week, we'll be skipping right up to the mid Spring season with a very special treat for everyone. Why special? Because I get to share that silly side of me that most everyone here very rarely gets to experience.

But, enough about that. Instead, let's deal with this.

More melting snow and bits and pieces of brown grass and leaves and bare trees. Not really sure as to why I took such an odd shot. Unless of course, I felt like taking an odd shot, which in turn would explain this...odd...shot.


Holly on the window looking out. Judging by the decoration on the dining room table, I would say that this was taken in mid February.


Another shot of Holly.


Okay, this one I can elaborate on. Jenelle is playing her PS2 game (at least I think that's what its called). Something she likes to occupy herself on long trips or during competitions when she has a lot of down time between performances.

Another shot of Jenelle, wearing one of her dance school outfits.

Lunch. Lunch that warm winter day was a ham and cheese half-grinder with onions, pickles and mayo. The bag of chips is from a local company here in Connecticut that is starting to make a splash coast to coast called "Deep River Snacks" and I would say that they're tied with Cape Cod as being my preferred chip of choice for lunch. The grinder is from a local shop called Tony Baloney's. This particular flavor of chip, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, definitely has a nasty kick to it.