Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now This Is Winter! (5)

And now, it's time to close out the 2010/2011 winter season with the final installment of our series. Starting next week, we'll be skipping right up to the mid Spring season with a very special treat for everyone. Why special? Because I get to share that silly side of me that most everyone here very rarely gets to experience.

But, enough about that. Instead, let's deal with this.

More melting snow and bits and pieces of brown grass and leaves and bare trees. Not really sure as to why I took such an odd shot. Unless of course, I felt like taking an odd shot, which in turn would explain this...odd...shot.


Holly on the window looking out. Judging by the decoration on the dining room table, I would say that this was taken in mid February.


Another shot of Holly.


Okay, this one I can elaborate on. Jenelle is playing her PS2 game (at least I think that's what its called). Something she likes to occupy herself on long trips or during competitions when she has a lot of down time between performances.

Another shot of Jenelle, wearing one of her dance school outfits.

Lunch. Lunch that warm winter day was a ham and cheese half-grinder with onions, pickles and mayo. The bag of chips is from a local company here in Connecticut that is starting to make a splash coast to coast called "Deep River Snacks" and I would say that they're tied with Cape Cod as being my preferred chip of choice for lunch. The grinder is from a local shop called Tony Baloney's. This particular flavor of chip, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, definitely has a nasty kick to it.


  1. You sound like a chip connoseur, man. Or however you spell that word.

  2. Charles: Thankee.

    There are some extremely good locally and regionally made gourment style potato chips out there, and Deep River and Cape Cod are two of the best that I've been able to come across.

    A local company out of Hamden CT, Howard's Sausage Company, makes some truly 100% authentic pork skins that really kicks ass.

  3. Charles: I wanted to add that I find most commercially made potato chips pretty much lacking in imagination.

    While the gourmet stuff can be a tad on the expensive side, it usually blows the competition out of the water.

  4. So what you call chips, we Brits call crisps?

    Nice shots of your daughter and Holly. :)

  5. R: Thanks. She is becoming quite photogenic.

    I'm in deep doo-doo in a few years, aren't I?

    Joe: Yup. Matter of fact, that was one of the very first British words that I'd learned as a twenty year old in college.

    And thanks.


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