Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storm Nemo!!!

As most of you know, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island got their buttocks spanked until they were candy apple red this past weekend from the devil's spawn of the Blizzard of 1978.

For ha-ha's, I thought I would do an experiment by shooting before and after video's of my front yard and neighborhood. The video's that you're about to see should give you a sample on how badly Connecticut got bitch slapped from Storm Nemo. The first one was shot about 9a Friday morning, with the second being shot some 24 hours later on Saturday.

To put the second video in perspective, our esteemed Guv'nor closed the state to traveling around midnight on Friday, state DOT plows were actually pulled because they couldn't keep up with the snow, and late Saturday morning, a town plow that had chains on almost got stuck while plowing our street.

First, before Storm Nemo buried its butt ugly tentacles.

Second, after Storm Nemo had buried its ugly tentacles.