Sunday, June 23, 2013

Alive Is The Neighborhood 2

Well shur, Yello Bear's contiuashun of his opennnin shalvo aginst dat fat cat Fluffernutter will be dis here We haves part Too of Alives Is Da Neghborhud! Enjoys!

Aint' dose the purtiest pichures that you eveh seens? Boids, treees, and flags, oh mys!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alive Is The Neighborhood


Time to blow off the dust bunnies and show another part of my neighborhood for all you good peeps to peruse and abuse. The majority of the pics that you will see in the coming weeks were taken while I was doing my Saturday morning errands and/or Sunday afternoon walks.

Today's post will feature trees. These particular trees were shot while doing my Saturday morning errands. Pics 1 thru 4 were taken in my neighborhood and the main drag for my neighborhod; pics 5 & 6 were taken in the center, while the remaining two were taken on the way home.