Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012 (4)

After a small, yet not entirely necessary hiatus (read: too freakin' lazy to create a post), we come now to the end of this picture series (betcha thinkin' that I was ending this blog, right? right?). I'm not sure when the next series of pics or video will be posted here, if only for the main reason of not having anything on tap or stashed away on the trusty ol' flashy drive.

So without further ado, here is the fourth and final part of "Autumn Near Cedar Mountain".

Trees! Lots of trees! Seriously though, these trees were seriously compromised last winter by Storm Alfred and this fall by Tropical Storm/Hurricane (depending on where you was) Sandy. But, we can definitely trip down memory lane by looking at this pic with awe about the ability of Mother and Father Nature to do good.

I was sitting on what passes for a bridge on this road. Seriously. We have two (count 'em) bridges on this street. I suppose back in the day, oh when gas was 55 cents a gallon, these bridges were useful in bridging the now tiny/infinitesimal streams that flowed down the mountain. Anyways, I decided to take a long exposure of the trees near the bridge, and as you can see, I got a backyard or two in the shot as well.

This is Sienna. Sienna belongs to John, the family friend/serious computer geek who lives in the suburban section of Hartford and comes up here daily to walk her around the mountain all year round. John is also heavily into the concept of "open space" in Newington and is a member of the organization called Save Cedar Mountain, which is devoted to the preservation of Cedar Mountain from developers. To learn more, please click on the link.

Halloweenie!!! This display was created by the residents of one of the oldest group homes that I know here in Newington. I say oldest as this sucker was around when I was my younger nephew's age some 43 years ago. Anyways, every year they put up some kind of display for a holiday, and this year, they chose to do Halloween.

And finally, we end our journey at the same place where we started it: home. In this case, the front sidewalk gave us the best viewpoint in which to shoot this lovely picture. As Fred Rogers would often say: