Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now This Is Winter In Connecticut!

Yup. Even though you may be frying out your brain cells where you're currently living, on Shooting Suburbia, we are hip deep in the 2010/2011 Winter season, Connecticut style.

If you recall back in early January, I was doing some serious bitchin' about the lack of plowing, lack of traffic planning, the record amount of snowfall (115+ inches) and the fact my twenty minute daily commute turned into an hour. At the time, I had no pictorial proof to corroborate my bitchin'.

Guess what folks? I gots proof.

Feast your sizzled optic nerves on these little babies.

Yes, this is looking up my street where my house is situated. Those three white lumps that you see just off to the left are my car, my wife's car and my mother's car. That dry spot? Probably where a few cars idled trying to see around that ginormous snowbank in the foreground. And yes, there is a stop sign there. I do have a picture of it later on in the series.

Looking down the right side of the street. Yes, a plow did go down the street. The center of the street. Once. Which is why you see that funky snowbank in the foreground.

Looking up Mountain Road. Yes, that is the mountain off on the left. And no, that section of the road really doesn't get plowed more than three times a month during the winter season.

Brief mental health interlude. Holly taking a siesta in her little cube, which is located in our bedroom. Yes, Holly is preferred subject of choice when I feel the need to break up the monotony of the photo roll.

Another non-action shot of Holly. If you're wonderin' how I got those pics, especially since my body can't quite bend the normal way that other people can, I dropped to my knees, then flattened myself out. And yes, there were cries of pain and agony as I got back to my feet.


  1. That is a hell of a lot of snow! Sorry about the pain, but the pics are adorable if that's any consolation :)

  2. R: Snow is always adorable in its benign state. Its when people who don't know what they're doing that makes it dangerous.

    And yes, she is adorable too. :D

  3. What a cute kitteh! And given the current heatwave, those pics are kind of refreshing...


  4. Claire: Thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah, she is my pride and joy, most of the time. :D

    We've been fortunate that no heatwave has nailed us here in Connecticut, but I agree that these pictures are a bit refreshing.

  5. OMG. That's serious snow in there! Since I live in the tropics, I have always dreamed to see snow when I was a young girl. But when I experienced just semi winter in China (no snowing when I got there) I couldn't stand the cold! Then I understood how and why my friends in the US aren't fans of snow.

    Hope it gets warm there soon!

  6. Ramona: Thanks for stopping by.

    I should've clarified my opening paragraph.

    Because I use a disposable camera for taking pictures (I'm a bit of Luddite when it comes to modern technology) and I post at most six pictures on a weekly basis, I'm about four to five months and one to two seasons behind on this blog.

    At the moment, we're in the beginnings of another hot July with temps swimming between 95 and 100.

  7. Disposable camera? Srsly?

    Dude. It's time to get a digital camera. Freedom from film opens you up to a whole new world of photography. Shoot all you want without fear of wasting film, then just hook the camera up to the computer. The computer treats the camera like just another drive.

    Hell, you obviously can work a scanner. You can do it. Come on. I dare you. All the cool kids are doing it. If you don't you're a wuss.

  8. Gumby: Yah I know.

    But I look it at this way. A disposable gives me just the barest of structure needed to maintain this blog the way I intended:

    A weekly posting schedule that satisfies a need to multi-task w/o going slug nutty.

    Besides, I just moved into using a cheesy video camera to shoot a couple of videos that I slapped on my blog.

    And I found the software for the cheesy camera that will allow me to convert the camera to a web camera.

    So to a degree, I am not the total Luddite that I portray myself to be.


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