Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is Autumn Winter? (4)

Yes, yes, yes. After a brief one week hiatus, I have a freshly squeezed overly ripened post for yous. Without further ado, the final part of "Is Autumn Winter?"

My cat Holly. This week, she was not a very good kitty. Last Sunday she made her escape from the house and when I got home, I found her hiding under the tool shed. Took me twenty minutes to get her out. Not satisfied with that little jaunt, she repeated it this past Wednesday night. My son and I found her after about ten minutes of searching in the pitch black. Still not satisfied, she snuck out again Thursday morning. I would love to tell you the entire sordid tale about that day, but frankly, it requires an Italian type of explanation (lots of wild arm and hand gestures) that simply doesn't translate to the blog very well. Unless I make a video of it. Which might not be a bad idea for a future post.

A brief tantalizing taste of the upcoming menance that was Winter 2010/11 here in Connecticut. Be very very afraid, because the next series of posts feature what I and every other resident of Connecticut bitched about in January and February of this year.

My resident mascot. And yes, his nemesis Sylvestor is sitting on my printer. And yes, that is my ancient (2008) computer.

Looks innocent don't it? Norman Rockwell don't it? Currier & Ives don't it?

Still think it looks innocent? Soft fluffy white stuff?



  1. Bad kitty! I'd love to see a video like that, please do post. :)

  2. R: I might do that tomorrow. Got lots of time on my hands that needs to be filled, so that would be a welcome break from it all.

  3. You know, I've only had one 'house' cat in my life. She was scared to death to go outside. in fact, she seemed scared to death of most everything and spent all her time in the garage.

  4. Charles: In the garage? I suppose you definitely couldn't call her "clingy", eh?

    Mine right now is slowly getting off my bad list. Three escapes in five days is a little bit too much for me to deal with.

  5. We had 2 indoor cats, that spent their younger years making every effort to escape outside. As they got older, and we allowed them out, they made every effort to get back inside.

  6. Joe: I guess when you get older, the grass definitely ain't greener on the other side.

    My cat just got back onto my good side this past weekend, and she knew that she messed up pretty bad, because she spent through last night sleeping in her little cube instead of on the bed like she normally does.

  7. My cat Cleo (who died in 2003) used to try to escape all the time. Someone had her declawed before I rescued her from a shelter and I had to explain all the time to her that she just wouldn't be a match for that nasty raccoon that was hanging around my condos.

    That's funny that you call a 2008 computer ancient - the one my blog is written on is from 2003. Slow as Christmas though.

  8. Love your mascot. That could make an interesting muse :) Enjoyed the post and the pictures, G. Sorry that I haven't been around. All that job hunting takes up so much time.

  9. Lynn: I found that old things have a tendency to last a very long time when I use them. My cell phone is very ancient (circa 2005) as it has an antenna that I have to raise for better reception.

    Kelly: Thanks. No need to apologize for not being a frequent visitor. I completely understand that sometimes the real world has to take precedence over the cyber world.

  10. Mischief always wants out in the warmth too- but before work it's no way, because she'll make me late going outside the deck rails or hiding under parked vehicles.
    Joey- lol!
    I bought this puter here brand spankin' new in 2001! It wins the Senior Computer award...

    Snow sure looks pretty sfter slaving over hot food all night in July! Really-
    Sorry took awhile to get over here this week.

  11. Snaggle: No need to apologize. Being a long time reader of your blog, I knew that things were picking up at work for you.

    My computer could be considered ancient as well: 3 1/2 years old running on XP.

    Snow is definitely better to look at during the dog days of summer, that's for sure.


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