Monday, October 14, 2013

Hiking On Cedar Mountain 2

Continuing on a theme, here is part 2 of my leisure weekend hike up Cedar Mountain.

On this part of the hike I decided to explore a bit of the ridge. Photo's 2 and 3 were taken from a rocky outcrop that gave me the willies while I was hiking up (diagonally) and while I was hiking down (also diagonally, which was very dangerous). In the remaining pics, you can see worn out paths that although were great for walking on, did provide a few places along the way for me to sit and proverbially smell the flowers, or in the case, the trees and the birds. You can also that autumn is indeed taking place on Cedar Mountain.

And while the grade was roughly 7% or more in some places, the downward trek on those paths made it feel like I was walking down a slightly steep hill. So overall to this point, the hike was going very well.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hiking On Cedar Mountain

Recently I went for a hike up Cedar Mountain and took roughly 20 pics and one video while spending an hour tramping around the mountain. I thought now would be a good time as any to resurrect this blog and share one of my favorite places to get lost within myself. So without further ado, here is Cedar Mountain.

These pics were taken within the first fifteen minutes of my hike. The first one shows the entrance to Cedar Mountain, which located directly across from the end of my street. The remaining six were taken at various points while I was hiking up the initial 8-9% incline (it eventually grew to about a 11% or so incline the further up I went), either facing towards the street or off to my right as I faced the mountain.
Even though the temps were in the hi 60's/lo 70's outside, once I got about ten feet inside the mountain the temp dropped roughly five degrees. The higher I went the chillier it got as even though the sun poked its head through (as you can see in some of those pics), the ratio of shade to sun was about 4 to 1 in favor of the shade.
As you can see, autumn hasn't quite taken hold in the mountain yet, but in the coming weeks, maybe it has.