Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now This Is Winter! (2)

Considering what's going on in California this weekend, maybe I should've called this, "Snow Armageddon"....oh well, and now, for something completely different, we have...winter in summer!

Continuing with our brief interlude of the warm fuzzies, I bring you yet another action packed shot of Holly stepping out her little cube. Doesn't she look all soft and fluffy? Doesn't this just want to make you pick her up and scritch her tummy until soft purrs of content fill your senses? I thought so.

By the way, this is my avatar on Facebook, which in keeping with my five year streak of never really showing my face in cyber space pretty much means that I'll be forever coming up with bizarre and unique photos to represent myself with. After all, how many people do you know have an avatar of a slaw dog and fries as an official representation of themselves to the public at large?

Now back to the issue at hand, soft fluffy white stuff. This is the tree that has been featured from time to time on my other blog, and I thought that this looked so funky and spooky that I needed to have a picture of it. And if you look very closely, you can see that the top of the snow almost reaches that twin trunk. My friends, that is about two feet of snow there.

This is about three and a half feet of snow in the backyard. I took this from the back porch. My mom's little dog did not do his thing for the entire winter season out there because as you can see, he would've vanished the second he made contact with the snow.

Looking towards the side. I'm estimating that there's almost four, simply because the top of the fence is just barely seen. That hump you see in the left foreground is the remnants of the dead tree that was cut down late last summer, which was most tree trunk. No, I did not walk back there either.

Looking towards the other side at the mountain. Looks kind of spooky and magical don't it. Nifty looking snowdrift on the deck there, isn't it? Just on the other side of the fence, I'm estimating that the snowbank is about five to six feet deep.


  1. Holly *is* adorable. And I love the slaw dog and fries!

    As for the snow...I wouldn't love that so much.

  2. R: Thankee.

    A little bit of snow is good. The 150+ inches we got dumped with this past season was not.

  3. Holly is so pretty - such beautiful eyes.

    Wow - all that snow. Hard to believe you'll be looking at that again in a few months, huh? :)

  4. Lynn: Thankee.

    Yeah, probably in about six months. It seems like for the past few years we've gotten socked with major snowstorms starting in January.

  5. That Holly pic is terrific! Currently Mischief is hiding because she doesn't want her flea treatment... Tough to slow buggies down in this heat!

    Ah, the snow looks wonderful from the middle of July! Especially your yard- so nifty n bizarre- especially because you didn't need to shovel that part! Poor short doggy...

  6. Snaggle: Thankee.

    The backyard often takes on a surrealistic feeling in the winter time.

    As for Lucky the dog, we shoveled out a pathway in the front so that he could do his thing without fanishing in the snow.

    Just had to make sure that we followed Frank Zappa's adage of "Don't eat that yellow snow."

  7. Your avatars always make me smile. I always think they are designed to show the fuzzy side of G. :D

    Cute shot of Holly. :)

  8. Joe: Thanks.

    It ain't easy trying to find that proper mix of the public and private personas, but the pictures that I use are probably the best way to do it.


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