Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012 (3)

I decided to point the camera upwards as it seemed like I was walking through a small canopy-style tunnel that day. It's pretty freaky, albeit in a good way, how the sun is poking it's head through the trees.

This was another one of those long-tern exposure photographs, as you can tell by the blurriness on the top. Anywho, this was another example of how Mother & Father Nature has turned this particular part of Mountain Road into a leafy tunnel, complete with the proverbial light at the far end, of which you can see the bridge of Cedar Street crossing over the lower end of Mountain Road near the regional center.

Basically another random shot of the mountain. Thought it looked pretty cool and inviting, so why not immortalize it?

Looking up Mountain Road, showing what the front end of the canopy-style tunnel looks like.

I took this one while taking a ten minute breather sitting on a small bridge wall that crossed a now non-existent stream. Again I experimented with a long tern exposure and I think it came out pretty good this time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012 (2)

Part 2.

This one is a reoccuring theme, or rather, a reoccuring standy. This is looking west down Knollwood Road on the right side of the road.

Same street, only taken from the left side and in the shade.

I walked about one hundred feet into the mountain to take this shot. The reason why it seems blurry is not because my hand was moving, but I was experimenting with one of the settings that made the picture just a tad larger than normal and took just a tad longer to actually take. Sort of like an old-fashion exposure in which the subject had to stay perfectly still for a couple of minutes before the picture was completed.

Same kind of exposure setting for this one a well. Walked up the trail a little bit in order to get a better shot.

A little bit further up the trail. This one and the preceeding two can be found from about a year ago on this blog, except in a very barren state as those were taken when the fall/winter season of 2010 was in full effect.

This is looking south down Mountain Road beyond the concrete barrier. As you can see, Mother Nature is once again reclaiming the street, which was clened up as recenly as a year ago. However, Storm Alfred did a remarkable job of trashing it again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012

I thought I would share this year's version of Autumn near Cedar Mountain with everyone this month. So without further ado, please enjoy these photos taken in the general neighboorhood of Cedar Mountain.

Looking north down Mountain Road. My front yard just off to the left in the foreground
Looking south up Mountain Road. Believe it or not, I actually tried to take the same kind of shot that you see on my main blog's header

Still looking south up Mountain Road. I was trying to get a good canopy/tunnel style shot, but the leaves are starting to fall a little early this year. Still, the colors are fantastic.

Back looking north down Mountain Road. The group home for the developmentally disabled is in the near right foreground, which will make another appearance in a few weeks. I think you can get a basic idea of what kind of canopy shot I was looking for here.

A much better canopy shot, looking south up Moutain Road. I'm just past the Augusta Drive and yes, that is the world famous "Road Closed Ahead" sign.