Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Autumn Winter? (3)

We had a brown Christmas in 2010. Heck we always have a brown Christmas. I can't remember the last time that we actually had snow on Christmas Day. Anyways, this is what Newington usually looked like during the months of November, December and early January. We usually didn't have the true New England whiteout until February.
Christmas morning. The artificial tree (haven't had a real one since I was my daughter's age), the presents (most notably, the bicycle) and the psuedo spirit of family togetherness.

Christmas stockings hung with care on the very functioning and well used fireplace: me, the wife, the child 1 (son), child 2 (daughter), brother, mother, sister-in-law, their children, the dog, and the bird.

The neighbor's house with the requiste nativity scene. Yes, it is the week of Christmas, so the brown grass you see is quite normal for this time of year.

Jennelle in her Christmas elf costume.


  1. I need to borrow that elf costume and wear it to work one day...

  2. I think that we all need to borrow the elf costume and wear it to work...'course, some of us would look better in it than others. :D

  3. I had to laugh that the bird got a stocking, too, G!

    Hope you are having an awesome Father's Day!

  4. Talon: I was able to give you a chuckle.

    And thanks for the wishes.

  5. I like that the bird has a stocking ... What does it get for gifts?

    And just think, Christmas is only 6 short months away :)

  6. Joanne: I think Santa would give her some tranquilizers to the edge off a little. :D

    6 months? Egad! :D

  7. We generally have a green Christmas here.

  8. Charles: I've gotten used to having a green Christmas.

    Kind of sucks having a green Christmas here in Connecticut, but what are you gonna do?

  9. I like that even pets got stockings, too - we do that for our pets in our family, too. :)

  10. Lynn: It's a family tradition that the pets in the house get a stocking.

    One year we got my mother's dog (a mix of shepard, beagle and boxer) a six foot long rawhide chew bone.

    Thing disappeared in less than a week.

  11. Merry Christmas! In June! Elves help alot...
    Happy Summer too!


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