Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012

I thought I would share this year's version of Autumn near Cedar Mountain with everyone this month. So without further ado, please enjoy these photos taken in the general neighboorhood of Cedar Mountain.

Looking north down Mountain Road. My front yard just off to the left in the foreground
Looking south up Mountain Road. Believe it or not, I actually tried to take the same kind of shot that you see on my main blog's header

Still looking south up Mountain Road. I was trying to get a good canopy/tunnel style shot, but the leaves are starting to fall a little early this year. Still, the colors are fantastic.

Back looking north down Mountain Road. The group home for the developmentally disabled is in the near right foreground, which will make another appearance in a few weeks. I think you can get a basic idea of what kind of canopy shot I was looking for here.

A much better canopy shot, looking south up Moutain Road. I'm just past the Augusta Drive and yes, that is the world famous "Road Closed Ahead" sign.


  1. Very picturesque! I love walking under a canopy of trees.

  2. Debra: Thanks.

    It was quite the sunshiny day yesterday (10/13), so I thought it would be a good day to take photos.

    Most of Mountain Road from that last shot upwards is quite the enclosed canopy in the spring summer and early fall.

  3. You live in a beautiful area, and how nice to see the sun shining. :) We've had a lovely sunny day here in the UK too, bit pretty low temperatures. Still it beats grey skies and rain!

  4. We have a favorite drive that takes us under a canopy of trees and we call it Big Foot Territory because we convinced all the grandchildren there were sightings in the woods.

    Pretty good $20 camera you've got there.

  5. Joe: Thanks.

    It was a bit chilly that day with a stiff breeze and temps in the lo 50's, but the sun definitely felt good that day.

    G.A.: Thanks.

    It was the best hand-me-down present that I've ever gotten.

    Very cool that you were able to keep your grandchildren's attention on those scenic drives. Mother Nature is indeed a thing to behold, no matter how you get people to observe.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    Basically the street has really become very pedestrian oriented. Not too many cars travel down it, and the ones that do are mostly the residents or the workers at the group homes.

    I can do an awful lot of thinking while walking down the southern end of the street.

  6. Pretty! I want to go walk around there. It's raining like crazy here.

  7. M: Thanks.

    It was definitely a good day for a walk. Very peaceful and quiet.


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