Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012 (2)

Part 2.

This one is a reoccuring theme, or rather, a reoccuring standy. This is looking west down Knollwood Road on the right side of the road.

Same street, only taken from the left side and in the shade.

I walked about one hundred feet into the mountain to take this shot. The reason why it seems blurry is not because my hand was moving, but I was experimenting with one of the settings that made the picture just a tad larger than normal and took just a tad longer to actually take. Sort of like an old-fashion exposure in which the subject had to stay perfectly still for a couple of minutes before the picture was completed.

Same kind of exposure setting for this one a well. Walked up the trail a little bit in order to get a better shot.

A little bit further up the trail. This one and the preceeding two can be found from about a year ago on this blog, except in a very barren state as those were taken when the fall/winter season of 2010 was in full effect.

This is looking south down Mountain Road beyond the concrete barrier. As you can see, Mother Nature is once again reclaiming the street, which was clened up as recenly as a year ago. However, Storm Alfred did a remarkable job of trashing it again.


  1. Well that is just beautiful! Sorry about the storm. I love autumn when it is sunny and crisp (as opposed to raining.)

  2. M: Then you would love this past week as the temps were in the hi 50's/lo 60's and the days were absolutely gorgeous.

    The fall foliage is even better than when I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.

  3. What a pretty area you have there. Of course I like the jungle growth more than other folks! (Unless I need to cut it down). Got my share of trimming to do around here! Vines have totally covered the shed roof n walls again.
    Looks like you're getting in some quality spring walks too. I remember the earlier pics.

  4. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I'm hoping that this year, the Halloween weathe will be mild for the kiddies, 'cause this time lat year, we were hip deep in recovering from the double whammy of a tropical storm/out of season snow storm with with about 80% of the state sans power.


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