Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012 (3)

I decided to point the camera upwards as it seemed like I was walking through a small canopy-style tunnel that day. It's pretty freaky, albeit in a good way, how the sun is poking it's head through the trees.

This was another one of those long-tern exposure photographs, as you can tell by the blurriness on the top. Anywho, this was another example of how Mother & Father Nature has turned this particular part of Mountain Road into a leafy tunnel, complete with the proverbial light at the far end, of which you can see the bridge of Cedar Street crossing over the lower end of Mountain Road near the regional center.

Basically another random shot of the mountain. Thought it looked pretty cool and inviting, so why not immortalize it?

Looking up Mountain Road, showing what the front end of the canopy-style tunnel looks like.

I took this one while taking a ten minute breather sitting on a small bridge wall that crossed a now non-existent stream. Again I experimented with a long tern exposure and I think it came out pretty good this time.


  1. We could both use some of that sun right about now!

  2. M: Most definitely. Things are looking mighty gloomy this week.

  3. I hope those trees are still intact n the leaves are looking very pretty there about now-
    Ours are past peak because of the storm, most leaves now down for the season. A few trees are pretty now, at least. Now some one (me) has to rake the forest leaves off the road n my yard, n back into the forest.

    Your forest looks so peaceful n inviting.

    Happy post Halloween for You n the Kids!

  4. Snaggle: Not too much damage was inflicted on the mountain here nor in my neighborhood.

    If anything, it simply hastened the act of the leaves departing from whence they came to occupy their new home on terra firma.


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