Saturday, August 13, 2011

Many Days In The Life Of Yello Bear (1)

No, it's not this particular fun-filled song (used for a theme song in a syndicated radio show called Flashback in the 80's), but simply a peek at the many days in my life.

Howdy everyone! Yello Bear here, with my trusty left hand man G doing the transcription and whatever else that I deem necessary to the stroking of my ginormous ego here on my new home. Forget about the fact that this blog is maintained by my trusty left hand man G here, this is Yello Bear's blog now. I may turn it back over to G if he stops doing his impersonation of the gimp and starts acting more like Sherman.

I usually like to start my mornings off with a little branch balancing. I need to keep extra flexible so that I can drink all of that honey flavored Mello Yello soda without getting sick. Just look how toned my arms and legs are in this picture. I tell ya, I am one hot piece of bear that the chicks go crazy over.

Hey G! Didn't I tell you not to take any pictures without me in them? Yes, I know its Old Glory flying at half staff. Man, that flag does look majestic flying in the wind, don't it? Okay, Old Glory is the only righteous exception that I will make to my egotistical rules. You did good and I'm proud of you.

I do all of my banking at Webster Bank, for two reasons: 1} it's best local bank in the state, which is saying a lot because most of the local banks have been swallowed up by very large corporations (Wells Fargo, Niagara), and 2} it ain't Skank of America.

I also like to have my morning cup of java from D&D, but G scoffs at my choice of liquid refreshment, so he goes to...yeech...Starbucks. And sometimes, he'll drink Starbucks sleazier offspring, Seattle's Best Brew. I mean, what kind of manly man drinks coffee from some yuppie-fied place that features healthy foods and c.d.'s from people who should've left the music biz 15 years ago?

After I get my caffeine crave satisfied at D&D, I next go to the post office to pick up a few money orders and stamps so that G can pay my bills for me. What? No, I don't spend MY money to pay MY bills. I spend G's money to pay MY bills. After all, isn't that what a left hand man is for? Exactly, a bottomless pit of money.


  1. I have to tell you, the position of that stick looks really uncomfortable ;)

  2. hay, yello bare!! kan i pleeze haz funs wit yoo some time? i kan hop on the greyhond bus and visit wit yoo soon! yo seems to know how to live the good life.



    blue bunny

  3. R: Yeah it does, but since Yello Bear swears by his morning branch exercises, who am I to point out something like that? I'm just his lackey.

    Blue Bunny: Absolutely! Living the good life is my favorite phrase to quote. Don't worry about money 'cause we'll just spend all of G's while you're here. :D

  4. I think Yellow Bear's narrative n means of support is funny n cute too-
    I hope you weren't talking about John Tesh Cds...

  5. Snaggle: Thanks.

    No, not talking about John Tesh (never listened to his music), but other artists that I've listened to since the 70's & 80's who really need to just go away.


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