Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun, Diversión, Family, Familia (5)

And finally, part five. It's still mid-summer and I still have one more picture of me to scare all of you with. Without further ado, here is the final part of our series "Fun, Diversión, Family, Familia"

Mr. Sunshine and the California Raisin, singing a song and feeling glad all over. That sparkly light? Is only just the flash from the camera.

Back in early May 2010, I wrote about walking around town one Saturday wearing a duck on my head. Here is the world famous duck that eventually earned me the sobriquet, "Duckie" from the manager at my local Dunkin' Donuts. I look a little more alert this time, don't I?


My backyard late one afternoon. Judging by the shadows I would have to say it was late afternoon drifting into the early evening. The main reason why I took this photo, besides the fact that my backyard was properly landscaped (no, not by me, but by a local neighbor who does that kind of thing), was that I wanted to show you what a dying decaying tree looks like, especially one that is sandwiched between two healthy ones. Not to worry though, as it came down in mid December when the house got new siding put on (got a few pictures of that as well).

The front of my house. My car is off to the left, and the tree from last Friday's post on Cedar's Mountain is front and center. You can really see from this shot how truly decayed and dying that center tree from the previous pic is.

A shot of Cedar Mountain, in all of its summertime glory.

Tune in next week, when I "officially" close out the summer of 2010 here on Shooting Suburbia by showing you Newington's annual Waterfall Festival.

Man, how sad is that? Right now we're hip deep in a classic New England winter and I'm showing pics from the summer. At this rate, I'll be showing my winter 2010/11 pics in the late spring/early summer of 2011.


  1. Did you really walk around town with that on your head?

  2. Yes, I really did walk around town with that ducky on my head.

  3. awesome idea to be just ducky!

    you rock my friend!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  4. How did you get the duck to stay on your head?

  5. Bruce: Thanks. It's always to rock and waddle like a duck.

    Mama Z: In the pic? Usually by the end of the week, I have just enough stubble on the top of my head to grip most things. If you're talking about my walk. I had it balanced on my baseball cap (NY Mets).

  6. And I thought I looked ridiculous! :D

    Sorry, sorry. If I walked around with a duck on my head here I would end up being carted off by the men in white.

  7. Joe: If anything, it was a great conversational piece. So much in fact that it forced me to dig out my Pooh bear, which I carry in the front pocket of my jacket and is now a great conversational starter as well, because I got tired of saying he was in the Bahamas on vacation.

    If anything, it only reinforces the fact that I march to the beat of a steel kettle drum.

  8. I wish I had been there to see that, G (the ducky incident.) :)

  9. Lynn: The legend of the duck will always be there in the annals of our local history for generations to come. :D

  10. Hey, Duckie, you got me humming, "Heard it through the grapevine in my head now"! :)

  11. Talon: The Marvin Gaye version or the CCR version? :D

  12. Hi,

    Re your comment on my blog: it's taking some serious creativity to get the dog to do her thing in all this snow. A woman on the street has a bulldog and when the dog stepped off the porch she sunk straight down into the snow. Even funnier there was a guy shoveling with no shirt on!

    I love your "shooting suburbia" blog. I love seeing things through other people's eyes.

  13. Snow: Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    Yeah, dogs and people can be funny in the snow sometimes.


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