Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun, Diversión, Family, Familia (4)

Part four contains a very special treat. No, not because there's pictures of the Famalia, but because there is a picture of yours truly. Yes, indeedie doodie, for those of you who really wondered what I looked like, here's a rare opportunity to see just exactly what the hell do I look like. I say rare, because quite frankly folks, I really detest having pictures taken of myself, so I can honestly tell you that besides this post and the next, the next time you see my ugly mug will be a summertime shot that will be posted sometime in the next month or two, and that will be it. Enjoy while it lasts, because you'll never get this opportunity again. So, with that said, on with the show.

This was taken on the way home from the Extravaganza. And even though it is later in the afternoon, the outdoor temp is still sitting at a very cool 95 big D* degrees. Oh, and one of the funky offices located in that nifty little building to your left, is the local probate court. Area directly behind the sign is a parking lot and a basketball court. To the right, the cemetery.

This young lady giving me the incredibly dirt look is my lovely almost 10 year old daughter Jenelle.

My wife Joanne.

My slightly flaky son Jeremy, along with mother dearest in the background.

And finally, da-da-da-DA!! Yours truly. This is how I usually look on a Friday afternoon: Tired, poker faced and somewhat unshaven. A bit off centered, but I did manage to get my entire ugly mug in the picture, so I should get some credit for that, eh? And judging by the angle of the photo, I would say that I'm sitting in front of my computer.

*Big D is a both a tired local catch phrase and a New England area catch phrase. First, the local angle: we have a tired and lame radio station called WDRC 102.9FM, Big D 103. DRC stands for the Dick Robinson Company, founders of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (of which I went to school in 1986). Now, the New England angle.

For those of you who either lived/grew up in the Springfield/West Springfield area in the 70's, there was (and possibly still is) a carpet store called Big D Carpets (someone can correct me if I'm wrong about the store name), and in the commercials (back then we used to get WWLP on our t.v.), they always had some lady say during the commercial, "So big D what's the story?" And she would always end the commercial by saying, "And that's the real story."


  1. But where is Pooh bear?!

    That is hilarious that there's a cemetery across from court.

  2. Pooh Bear naps during the day while I'm at work. Just wait for the final part of the series, you'll fall out of your chair laughing.

    As for the cemetery, it belongs to the Congregational church that sits on the corner downtown. I've photographed it numerous times over the years and the cemetery stretches from what you see to almost Garfield street (that's the street I showed last week that people would park on for the Extravaganze).

  3. Nice to see the whole family!

    I like your son's cap. :D So is he into hip hop? Or just dollars? Or both.

  4. Joe: Thanks. Its very rare that I post pics of the family. I try to respect their privacy as much as I can.

    I don't believe he is into hip hop, he just likes to wear his hats like that and his pants down low. I believe he's into metal/hard rock musick from bands like Slipknot, Linkin Park and System of a Down.

  5. Looks like a good crew, but the Captain. I don't know, man.

  6. Charles: Now wait just a minute here young man, I'll have you know that the Captain here is quite capable of helming this ship. After all, he isn't distracted in performing his duties by pint of strawberries. :D

    Captain Queeg is da bomb.

  7. What a nice family. This is a special time for you all with the kids still being at home.

  8. Lynn: Thanks.

    To a certain degree it is.

  9. Wow- still jhave Extravaganza time pics- n it looks so nice n warm there too!
    Fun candid family pics! I remember your daughter being 8 at ice skating- now shoom 10! Jeremy looks like a good-humored teen-ager. I too think it's fun to have the kids at home years- more entertaining than after. Both your wife n you seem very absorbed in tasks- busy folks!
    I hate pics of myself too- they weren't too bad 10 years ago...

  10. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I've always hated pictures of myself, but I'm resigned to the fact that it's something that I'll have from time to time, and if its something I have to do from time to time, I might as well do self portraits.

  11. I somehow missed this post last week, so I'm just now checking it out -- so nice to see some pictures of you and your family! :)

  12. Lisa: Thanks. Usually I like to keep my family out of my blog, but since I was simply burning up the rest of my camera....


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