Saturday, January 1, 2011

Summertime, And The Living Is Easy

I know I said I was going on hiatus again but the weather and work has put me in a bit of a funk. Connecticut got slammed with the first good snowstorm/blizzard of the season this week, with the final output being somewhere between one to two feet (depending on what part of the state you were), and work, well, an abbreviated work week because of the holiday, while it may sound good, was not. Since we got nothing but fluffy white stuff and temps that start with the number 2 for the week, I thought a little reminder of what we got to look forward to in about four months was in order. Shot was taken looking down the side street. To your left is my main blog's namesake and to your near right is a sliver of my side yard. See ya'll on Jan 8th with part three of "Fun, Diversion, Family & Familia".


  1. Here's to warmer weather. Happy New Year!

  2. Got a bit of a snow wall in the way? Nice to see that greeny pic anyhow! Funny summertime title too- From here! (Right next door from the same blizzard...)
    Have fun-
    Happy New Year G!

  3. M&M: Thanks, and moset definitely.

    Snaggle: Just a bit, and even though warmer temps are on their way next week, it was still a kick in the pants to get.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

  4. Send a little snow, please.

    Spring's just a few corners?

    Be well.

    And Happy new Year!


  5. Jannie: I would be more than happy to send a few snowflakes out your way. I'm sure that you guys are more than overdue for your yearly snowstorm, eh?


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