Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun, Diversión, Family, Familia (3)

Yes, after a well deserved two week hiatus, Shooting Suburbia is back with a fresh outlook, recharged batteries and a highly original yet slightly skewered post for you to partake and become jealous of, because hell, it is winter, it is cold, and damn it, I need something warm to look at.

Yup, we'uns still at the Mill Pond Extravaganza, and its still an outrageously hot and sunny day. This is another shot of the rides and vendor tents, taken while I was standing on third base. Behind me, is our world famous beer garden, which you can't see because, well, it's behind me.

Random street shot. No, not really. Just wanted to show you the beginnings of the local street parking lot for the Extravaganza. As you can see, the street was rapidly filling up with cars on the side. Once that side gets filled, everyone started parking down the side streets, at the local office furniture store, the town hall parking lot across from the library, the parking lot next to the post office, and the parking lot at the senior center. And yes, that is honest to goodness shade that I am standing in to take this picture. The third coolest spot I visited that day, which was shortly followed thereafter by....

....The second coolest spot, and I dare say, the most popular spot at the Extravaganza that day: underneath the water spray that our local fire company had thoughtfully set up. And yes, I did spend some time under there. And yes, I made sure that both my cell phone and my camera were fully protected. And yes, it felt damn good.

It's Joe Camel! Yes, one of the highlights of the Extravaganza was a petting zoo that featured Joe Camel and a menagerie of others. However, since I like Joe Camel (the character, not the cigarette, although an interesting factoid for you is that a prior prototype of Camel cigarettes was called Murad), I decided to take not one, but two pictures of Joe Camel.

Picture two of Joe Camel! Who seems to thinking about spitting in that other photographer's camera! Another interesting factoid is that the local Three Kings Day parade that is held every year in Hartford CT features Joe Camel and two of his brethren, Joe Dromedary and Jane Dromedary.

In case you were wondering what was the first coolest spot I visited that day, it was the town library. Need I say more?


  1. I have never seen a camel in person. I got close to a llama and it scared the hell out of me.

  2. Unfortunately, I see camels every year during the Three Kings Day parade in Hartford.

    This year I was very surprised that they did it because the temps were in the lo 40's that day.

  3. camels foam at the mouth but they're a cool animal to see in person. love the photos

  4. and let those colts fans have it, who cares. it's a pro sport, it's not like they played a role in the loss

  5. It's hard to even fathom summer, with the snow yesterday, and more snow on the way ... Thanks for the seasonal flashback ...

  6. Ryan: Thanks.

    That is very true, they didn't, but I need to give them about a day before I start dropping the hammer down.

    I do so enjoy being a Patriots fan. :D

    Joanne: I know. I visited another blog this morning and because its from down under, she was going about the hit and how comfortable she was with the AC going.

    And you're more than welcome.

  7. Well of course I have to love the photos of the camel don't I? With a name like that he must be wonderful.

    I'm counting the days until I return to AZ, and if it isn't sunny there in February I'll be well and truly pissed off!

  8. The camel is adorable! I've seen some up close and personal before and one of them spit - lol!

    It's neat to look at blue skies and sunshine and leaves on the trees, isn't it?

  9. Joe: Let's hope its still bright and sunny when you hit AZ in February, because I'm sure it'll be nice and snowy here in Connecticut during that same month.

    Talon: This was pretty cool. The only time I've really seen any camels was during that aforementioned parade, and only at a distance, so this was the first time I've seen one this up close.

    Most definitely it's great to look at sunny skies and green grass and leaves, especially in the dead of winter.

  10. Love those summertime pics in the winter. We can dream. And of course, I like the camel, too. :)

  11. Lynn: As the song goes, "Summertime, and the living is easy."

    I can't get enough of summer in the winter. :D

  12. HOpefully you stayed clothed under the water spray.

  13. Bearman: Most definitely. Imagine how many people would be traumatized if I even took off my shirt for that cool refreshing spray.

  14. So were you drinking the beer?
    Guess there's no parking on the shade side, huh? I'd prob be under the fire truck sprinkler all day- My phone n cash are always in a plastic bag in the pocket for protection, anyhow.
    Joe Camel seems to be a dromedary with a mop-top hair-do!
    I used to visit them at the Franklin Park Zoo alot while growing up. Bet that cam guy doesn't know about the spit...
    Thanks for the warm trip-

  15. Snaggle: Unfortunately (or fortunately) I never developed a taste for beer.

    Nope, no parking on the other side, because its still considered a main thoroughfare even during that celebration (police department is located just across the street).

  16. When we were in Tucson last year in December there was a little Christmas tree selling outfit that was also giving kids free camel rides. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Watching them, that is. I didn't mount up.

  17. Chris & Charles: My apologies for reposting the link to this post late last night.

    Had an issue crop up that is related to Monday's post on the main blog so I wanted to bury the referring post in question (and get read of the page views) w/o losing the link to this one.

    Chris: There was no way I was going to mount up on that camel. It was cool to watch though.

    Charles: I wasn't taking any chances so I stayed way far away when I took that shot.


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