Saturday, July 17, 2010

Newinton Center....And Beyond! (5)

I think that this batch will lend itself for some decent captioning for a change.

This is looking easterly and southerly. I was trying to get a general purpose shot without the traffic, but as you can see, no such luck. Anywho, you can see Carvels directly across from us, a loser sitting in the crosswalk waiting to make a right on red, which is a very popular and breakable law here in Connecticut. Yes, breakable. Do you think that everyone really does a proper stop at a red light before turning? Honestly, do you? Honestly, do I? Honestly, I do. About 75% of the time, I come to a proper stop, which in that driver's manual that NOOOOOOOOBODY ever reads anymore once they pass their exam, says that your car must halt and jerk back just a little bit in order for it to be considered a complete and legal stop.

Jenelle in one of her many dance costumes this season. This particular costume was for her solo tap dance competitions. Song of choice (well, not really) was "Old Time Rock & Roll". This is what she'd danced to this past week at Wildwood, New Jersey at her latest national dance competition. Factoid: Jenelle was personally invited by an organizer to another one being held at the same time in New Hampshire. However, that one was a little more expensive and was more group oriented, whereas this one is geared towards the individual. Shot was taken in the front hallway.

This one was taken in the living room, next to a scooter and the wife's yarn collection. I will say that for this season's dance competitions, I wasn't driven completely insane by the daily two hour injection of music being played for rehearsals. Whereas the previous years either irritated the crap out of me (If I Only Had A Brain, artist unknown); or made me seriously detest an artist for years to come, (Meet The Flintstones, B-52's); this one was pretty good, as it didn't bother me much. Now if she was dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe" (skated to that instead), that would've really bothered me.

I decided to bring my camera along for my hike on Good Friday/Easter Sunday. I can truthfully pinpoint the time frame because the development date for this picture disc was April 11, 2010, and as I'd stated early on, money drives when I get my disposables developed. Anywho, I wanted to get some funky shots of what the mountain is like in the early spring. This was taken along one of the plateaus that I frequently hike. Believe it or not, in spite of the crappiness that are my legs (muscle weakness, neuropathy and what not), I can do a pretty damn good job of hiking up this funky mountain.

This is looking up the mountain towards one of the ridges. Now let me tell you, if you think that the incline in this picture looks bad, it really is. I'm estimating that incline was something like a 5 or 6% grade, which is no mean feat to climb (most steep hills that one drives on are about 4%). I actually climbed this thing a few weeks after I took this shot, and even though I did a zig-zag pattern going up and using the trees and underbrush for leverage, it was nevertheless a pretty brutal climb. Did I forget to mention that in addition the previously mentioned maladies, I have a wicked case of asthma? While I don't use inhalers, this was climb was a decent trigger just the same. Fortunately, the triggering was mild, and I was able to judiciously find some great spots to rest and let the mountain refreshen my spirit. Let me tell you, the silence on the mountain that day was incredible. No people, no traffic, just a stray bird here and there, and the wind gently blowing across with the sun beating down....does a body good.
And this brings us to the end of "Newington Center...And Beyond". Tune in next week, where we will start a brand new series of posts that will feature "Flora, Fauna and Aminals!"


  1. The idiocity n plentitude of drivers to whom the rules don't apply amazes me-
    Cool guitar costume for a tap show- n cute model too! That repeat same song thing can really take a few off the like list!
    Brave to be mountain climbing- definately hang onto those lovely tree supports!
    Next you may try to brave a rock-face wall! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Your daughter has such a lovely smile. I know what you mean by being driven crazy by music. An ex-boyfriend and his little son loved John Cougar Mellencamp's 'Hurts so Good' album and listended to it so much that I thought I would go insane. I have disliked this man's music to this day. :)

    Great tour - thanks, G.

  3. Snaggle: I usually face the driving dweebs while I'm walking on the weekends (the day of this post was no exception).

    Listening to a song ad nausem is a great way to lose brain cells, although I'm pretty sure Jenelle was able to tune out the music relatively well.

    I do find it to be a rather enjoyable past time, although I make sure to do it when the weather is pretty decent.

    Lynn: Oh man, without a doubt, Meet the Flintstones from "Viva Rock Vegas" as performed by the B-52's is the most irritating song you can listen to.

    While I do like the B-52's (they did the theme to the cartoon "Rocko's Modern Life"), this song made me hate them for about one solid year.

    And thanks. Usually when she performs, the smile often comes off as very warm and genuine.

  4. What a sweetie your daughter is!

    It's amazing how repetition of a certain song can lead to an intense dislike...except when you're broken hearted and 15 and playing one tune over and over (one that speaks of the broken-ness of the heart) is like the best thing ever - lol!

    That's a steep climb, G! I'm impressed you would take it on! But reading about the silence and the serenity, I can totally understand why you did.

  5. Talon: Thanks.

    I actually did that once with a song: "All Out of Love" by Air Supply.

    But listening to a song that one's child is rehearsing to makes the narrow playlist for a commercial radio station seem like heaven.

    Exceptionally so. I did a couple of others that went up to where you see that ridge in the last photo, and both the view and serenity was absolutely breathtaking.

  6. Yarn collection? lol. Great pics. Your daughter is very cute.

  7. Charles: My wife crochets quite a bit, and there are literally hundreds of yard skeins strewn about the house. What you see in that pic is but a small representation of what that tub underneath holds.

    And I'll probably will have to beat the boys off with a stick in about six or seven years.

    Or start acting like Al Bundy.

  8. What great photos!

    Your daughter is very pretty and what a great guitar top she's wearing. I get the impression she loves it too!

  9. What I love about the right turn on red thing is when I'm first in line at a red light, with the intent of going straight, and the driver behind me who wants to turn red beeps their horn at me to get going and turn. Go figure.

  10. Joe: Thanks.

    My daughter thoroughly enjoys dancing and usually has anywhere from three to four scenes per recital.

    She does the aforementioned solo tap, as well as group tap, ballet and hip hop. And she's been dancing since she was about two and a half.

    Joanne: As you're well aware of, I've made my feelings known about the "right on red" from a pedestrian viewpoint, but what bothers me the most are the ones who insist on taking a right on red behind my back when I'm less than five feet from the corner.

  11. I love all your pictures, G! I keep wanting to bring a camera to work so I can document my surroundings as you have -- I think it's a cool idea! But I keep forgetting the camera! One of these days... :)

    And what a cute daughter you have! It's so nice to see a pic of the girl I've been cheering on through your FB updates! :)

  12. Lisa: Thanks.

    I do bring my disposable with me from time to time, and I do take pictures when I'm feeling exceptionally goofy.

    Did a self portratit that is bound to scare people later this year.

    Thanks, she's gonna be a heartbreaker when she gets older.

  13. I think this is such a great idea of capturing moments and places in your life. Your daughter is adorable!

  14. Thanks.

    I try to bring a camera with me on the weekends and to work from time to time.

    Always get strange looks at work, since I'm always posing my stuffed animals in really strange situations.


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