Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newington Center....And Beyond (4)

Yup, still at the lower section of Mill Pond park, near the waterfalls. Gonna rest for a spell. Still got that issue with intelligent captioning again, so feel free to riff on the pictures and come up with your own captions. Betcha they'll be better than mines.

There are one or two firsts that Newington is noted for that I knew from when I was a child. The first McDonald's in Connecticut is located in Newington, right on the Berlin Turnpike (official monikers, The Wilbur Cross Highway, The Merritt Parkway & The Hartford-New Haven Turnpike). However, this isn't about that. The stone what you see in this picture commemorates the site of the first U.S. Girl Scout Day Camp, back in 1922. Repeat, first U.S. Girl Scout Day Camp. Anywhere. In the U.S.A. Not sure what else I can say about that, since obviously I never participated in the Girl Scouts nor has my daughter participated in the Girl Scouts. But, its a fun thing to brag about. Oh, in the background to the very far right, is a lovely old fashioned gazebo that when the flowers are in bloom, is quite a sight to behold.

This display (for lack of a better word) encircles the monument. The writing on the post says "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in at least four different languages. It's a very interesting concept, a post enclosed by a series of benches, and I wish I could elaborate further on it, but I'm sure someone out there will be kind enough to offer one up for me.

Same circle of harmony scene, only this one is a little more encompassing. Would be a little eerie with the barren trees if this was take at night, don't you think? A little ghostly presence...woooooooooooooo!

Small grouping of trees located on the corner of my street. You can see the mountain starting to bloom a little bit (yeah, right).

Not sure if this is the same tree or not. I do take weird shots, don't I? Anyways, just by first glance, this tree certainly don't look healthy. At second glance, this looks like a tree from the town green. Still sickly looking though.

And finally, a truly random shot, at the intersection of Cedar and Main, looking south into downtown. Can't remember if I was playing dodge the traffic prior to this shot or after this shot.
Still hoping to take my .133 batting average and rise it by couple hundred points next week. Lets hope the final batch of shots is a helluva lot better than this batch of highly ornamental, but purely dysfunctional, pictures of my town.


  1. Well, I suppose the benches are arranged like it would be around a campfire and that's what I think when I think of girlscouts. Of course, I got kicked out of Brownies and my daughter got kicked out of girlscouts. The apple didn't fall far you know. Enjoyed seeing the pictures, as usual. :)Bea

  2. Your pictures reveal a warm, welcoming community.

  3. Bea: Oh?

    And you're very welcome.

    David: Thanks. Newington is a microcosm of about 85% of Connecticut, in which a lot of the towns have that "Cheers" type of atmosphere.

  4. I think the benches encircling the monument if cool and definitely would be eerie at night.

  5. I think they are at that. To me, they definitely look decorative (the benches that is) because they look like they couldn't support a lot of weight.

  6. The stone monument looks a bit like a fish. I don't guess that was deliberate. Those benches are too short for sleeping on.

  7. Interesting shots, G.

    I think you're right about those benches - more for decoration than practical. The pole in the middle just made me keep thinkging of "stick in the mud" - and I know that old saying has no relation to that, but there you go - lol!

  8. Charles: You're right, it does look like a fish. Never really thought about it until you mentioned it.

    The benches are definitely not made for sleeping, or for sitting either.

    Talon: Thanks.

    Sometimes, I really don't know why I take a particular picture. I know I had a reason at the time, but now some three months later, it escapes me.

    "Stick in the mud" works. I was thinking (after looking at the picture for the sixth or seventh time) that the pole was a needle of some kind for a compass.

  9. I was a Girl Scout of America for 10 years (involuntarily) thanks Mom for being the leader- n staying in the state Council organization so I had to go pick up your (postumous) special award in Boston n give a speech in front of 5k GSA folks.

    Day Camp is fun! First one? I have built benches using only branches, string, n a jack knife...

    Those poor spruce trees may end up as deck lumber someday...

  10. Kewl, or not, depending on your viewpoint.

    I don't know about day camp being fun, as I don't have too many fond memories of them to begin with.

    The trees do get better as the season progresses.


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