Saturday, July 3, 2010

Newington Center....And Beyond (3)

Note: Apologies for the lack of descriptive captioning this week. Apparently I took a batch of shots that didn't really lend themselves to any kind of in-depth captioning. Next week's should hold some promise, as I need to do a little refresh for a couple of the shots that I took.

This was taken at the main feeding area for the ducks at Mill Pond. There are others feeding areas scattered around the park, but for the most part, if you want to have your little one squeal with delight, you take them to this one. In the foreground, you can see a small slice of the fenced-in landing where people congregate. In the background is the town pool.

This was taken from one of the seldom used feeding areas. In the far background, you can once again see the town pool (sort of dominates the pictures, don't it?) and a small bridge.

Tree (like D'OH!). This was taken at the waterfalls. Across the street and right next to the waterfalls is the town school bus garage (hence the buses in the background). Springtime in New England always means having at least one pine tree surrounded by hibernating trees.

Our world famous waterfalls, looking like it usually does on a non-stormy day. It's pretty much a consistently casual flow as the pond empties directly into a lower stream. I know it doesn't look like much, but after a good storm it really is a sight to behold. Same goes for those sickly plants that you see in the foreground. I do have some pics in the upcoming months that I think captures the the waterfall area quite well. The bridge up above is also a nifty feeding area, but mostly people watch a few of the ducks take their hourly baths on top of the waterfalls.

Mill Pond Falls (like really D'OH!!!!!!). In the summer this area is definitely a sight to behold. In the spring, as you can see, it looks depressingly empty. Off in the distance you can see how empty the waterfalls look, how vacant and forlorn those benches on the left feel, and how achingly silent the trees stand. Definitely makes you think, and not in a good way either.


  1. That water is so beautifully blue and yes, the trees "achingly silent." So much emotion in those two words...

  2. I usually don't hit the park when the season is like this (early spring and late fall/winter), simply because of how the area looks. A bit too depressing for tastes, writing or otherwise.

  3. Wouldn't mind hanging around that bridge. Great view.

  4. Charles: It is at that. You can pretty much get a panoramic view from the bridge of the entire park.

    Lot of people use it during the wedding season.

  5. Lovely Duck pond area you got there, even in the spring. After all, there's always a bunch of leaves in the way of seeing the pool, buses, n ducks in the summer!

    Like that trickly waterfall-

    Looks like an excellent place to write...

  6. Very much so. It does help me empty my brain a little more thoroughly so that I can write.

    Great place to take a week day lunch at as well.


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