Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flora, Fauna, And Aminals (1)

So, as Monty Python would say, "Let's begin at the beginning."

As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, I work in the city. But that doesn't mean that there isn't any photo opportunities to speak of. Take my office building for example. As you can see, it's very much a one way outlook. Those on the inside can see out, and those on the out can't see in. This picture came about in an interesting way. I was sitting outside at a picnic table in the no-smoking area of the building (read: the entire complex is smoke free) during my morning break, when the reflection in the windows caught my eye once again. I say once again, because I'm always seeing cool reflections in the windows. This time though, I had my camera with me, so I thought I would try to get a shot of the reflection. As they say, nothing ventured nothing gained. The building in the reflection is one of many units of low-income housing that dot the streets where my office is located.
My lovely daughter Jenelle posing with two of the nearly three dozen (yes, proud poppa said three dozen) medals she's won for ice skating over the past five years or so. This was taken on the weekend, and I know this because all her competitions take place on the weekends. And yes, there are stuffed aminals in the window cheering her on.
Another pose, same area, which is the front yard. I say that based on the shadow on the swinging bench, this was taken in the early afternoon. The front porch that you'll see in the next picture, provides the shade that you see, right up until 6p, when the sun is finally over in the front of the house. People laugh, but on my side of the street, it isn't unusual to see snow in the front yard until early March.
Still yet another pose (yes, I was having a hard time coming up with photo opportunities that day). I will mention that for about three months in 2009, the front bench is where I did the bulk of my writing/blogging. However, as you can see, that thing was not made for comfort, so I skedaddled to the backyard deck and the backyard, and have been doing the bulk of my writing back there ever since. And before you ask, I used that chair next to the bench as a writing area as well. Screwed up my lower back while using those two implements to rest my delicate heiny on.
Walking as you know is one of my favorite pastimes. This is at the apex of my street looking east towards the mountain, which as you can see, is very much starting to show signs of life. One of the interesting things about this street is that the trees that you see dotting each side of the road, have not been touched by the local electrical utility. Not sure if you have something similar in your neck of the woods, but the almighty Connecticut Light & Power will trim/de-limb/destroy/decapitate any tree that happens to even remotely threaten the power line, whether due to old age, young age, damaged condition or healthier than's hate of GWB.
Not sure why I took this pic. I probably should've gotten closer, but I do respect a person's property, so no trespassing was done to take this shot. But, I will venture a guess that the landscaping in the front had a lot to do with me taking this shot. In the distance, you can see a small weathervane/windmill and one of those funky blue balls that seem to be the rage in suburbia. The gentleman that owns this house is a very decent landscaper and during the various holidays throughout the year, has the yard tastefully decorated.


  1. Didn't that bench have a bunch of stuffed animals on it for one of your headers? And, yes, I can see why both of those lovely places to sit could do a number on your butt and back over a certain length of time. But, where was the picture of the back deck where you do write? hmmmmm?
    Adorable daughter. Do you have to get to the rink early in the morning before the hockey players show up, for her practices?
    Lovely lawn, your neighbor has. I too have a glass ball in my garden.
    I think because they remind me of marbles and I used to love to collect them, marbles, that is.
    Sadly, before our utility company took an interest in overhanging branches we had an ice storm. The said branches caused MAJOR damage, loss of power for days, weeks in some cases. Now, they keep a careful eye on every tree near power lines. Of course, in expensive neighborhoods they put the lines under ground, thus keeping their trees in perfect shape. :)Bea

  2. That reflection pic is especially good - the clouds had rolled into it and I know you are proud of your daughter and her win. She is very cute.

  3. Bea: I'm not sure if I had that as a header, but I believe I may've had it as an avatar. And I do know it was in one of my web albums, so its safe to say that you got a very good memory.

    No, she doesn't do her practicing in the morning, but later in the afternoon. Right now, we're having a discussion about her either cutting back or dropping ice skating simply because there is no long term future in it, as opposed to dancing, which she truly loves to do.

    As for the deck, I have one of those in the web albums as well.

    Yes, the utility companies can be so "proactive" with their pruning. You do have the ability of appealing their decision, but because they simply stick a notice on the offending tree, most people don't see it until its too late to do anything about it.

    Lynn: Thanks. I've seen some fascinating reflections over the years, and I thought it would be good time to take a shot of one for posterity.

    I'm always proud of my children, no matter what their endeavors. So long as they do their best, in the long run, its all that really matters.

  4. Wow, that's quite a lot of medals there. Congrats to your daughter. As for the mown lawn, I much prefer wild weeds and wild flowers.

  5. Charles: Thanks.

    I sort of like that type of lawn you suggested as well, but when you live in the suburbs like I do, well manicured and well maintained is the order of the day.

    Besides, I don't think too many of my neighbors don't have that kind of ability to create that kind of landscaping very well.

  6. Love the top photo. Looks like you used a wide angled lens on it too?

    What a talented daughter you have! You must be so proud!

  7. Joe: You're gonna hate me for this one.

    Every single pic that you see here, I've taken with a cheap disposable camera.

    That top pic was taken with a disposable. I was sitting at picnic table that was about 50-100 feet away. Just pointed and clicked.

    I am very proud of my youngest one. She has all the talent in the family, which means she didn't get it from me. :D

  8. That sky reflection shot is awesome, G!

    Jenelle is so adorable! And obviously very talented!

    There must be a hack 'n slash course involved in working for electricty companies because our neighbors just had their beautiful 100+ year old Maple hacked and slashed in the name of electricity wires. Of course, 90 percent of the removal had nothing to do with it. I think they just like playing with chain saws and cherry pickers!

  9. Talon: Thanks.

    Yeah, not only do electrical companies do it, but the town does it as well.

    A couple of months ago, the town repaved and widened a major connecting side street. In order to do it properly, they wiped out four very large trees that were growing near the front end of the street. Four very large trees that were around ever since I was a little boy (some 40+ years or so).

  10. Oh don't get me started on the trees in this state. I've seen trees planted, by the town, directly beneath the power lines. I mean, seriously? Great suburbia pictures, though. Kudos to your daughter for all her efforts earning those medals. She must be a great skater!

  11. Joanne: Of course those trees probably won't get touched by the almighty power company.

    Thanks, and she is to a certain degree.

  12. Nifty reflection! It always helps to have a photogenic model available- Medals! Impressive-
    Perhaps you were impressed with the recently cut, green, lush lawn?
    (Too hot to cut mimne this week).

    I hate tree-cutter-downers! It's happened in my yard-
    Folks who don't know the right way, shouldn't do it!

  13. Thanks.

    Green lawn? I don't think I was impressed with our green lawn (such as it was).

    Yeah, we have to put up with tree cutting here, although they have been using their brains a little more as of late.


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