Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twinkletoes Ted! (1)

Connecticut is a wonderful state to live. It has everything that you can possibly want in a state: High taxes, specialized interest groups that have the politicians in their collective hip pocket, an electorate who elects the same bozos...erm..the same yahoos....erm...the same stale people over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Anywho, this is a story about a day in the life of one of the fashionable metropolitan areas of the state...gag, retch, choke, vomit....who in the hell wrote this script? Good Lord, narrator flips through the entire script before spitting at it this is really suddenly realizes that about a dozen people are staring at him...a good script.


This is the city, Hartford CT. It was a sunny yet slightly mildewy day. The birds were chirruping away until they slammed into the windows and plummeted to the earth, and splattering like an overripe tomato on street below. Off to the left, a drug dealer's experiment goes haywire and a very small mushroom cloud appears on the horizon.

Anyways, we were doing the day watch out the Redundant Street Crimes & Bad Taste In Clothes Division.

The Boss is Captain Plaque on Molar.

My partner is Officer T. Lollapalooza Popular Kid, or as her close friends like to call her, The Lolly Pop Kid.

My name is Humpty Day, but most of my friends call me Humpty.

It was very quiet that day, as we had nothing really to do since it was the summer time and everyone was either at the beach committing crimes or wearing the appropriate skimpy clothes that were definitely pleasing to the eyes. So while I was busy contemplating whether or not I should make a dart board out of that cursed Red Sox towel, put on my mouse ears or play with Santa Claus, my partner was busy reorganizing the office.
She'd already had the office supplies in order: the copy board resting on top of the printer, the printer loaded with recycled wood pulp that sort of looked like paper, the notebook of our last twenty unsolved cases along with the necessary disposable camera equipment and air fresheners.
Suddenly, like flash, a white light started eating the computer screen. We jumped up and ran over to check it out because the white signaled an incoming e-mail call on the Uncoordinated Dancing Mugger's Line.
I click on the e-mail to open it and a loud horrible screeching sound blows out the tiny speakers. I clear out my ears and read it.
Twinkletoes Ted has escaped from his playpen and is on his way to the city looking to resume his reign of dancing terror on the unsuspecting public!
I turn to my partner and says, "We better go round up his gang for possible leads on his whereabouts!"
"Good idea. This will give me some time to primp my hair and fix my face before heading out!"


  1. Great (and fun) post and pics, G. Btw if you want some higher taxes, I have a home in NY for you.

  2. Thanks.

    I got bored at work one day and shot a whole series of pics for a story.

    Should be a blast in the coming weeks.

    Ummm...that's okay, I think that my property taxes will soon match yours out in NY.

    Which is pretty sad.

  3. OK, I've heard tell of that LOLLY POP KID. lol What fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. :)Bea

  4. Thanks.

    There'll be more to come with this adventure. :D

  5. How do I become a follower!? I see no place to sign-up!


  6. Mama Zee: Thank you young lady, you are too kind.

    Snow: You can probably do it from your dashboard. It's how I do the bulk of mine. If you follow a few blogs already, there is a link on your dashboard that lets you manage your subscriptions. If you click on "add", all you have to do is add on my blog addy and then you can start following. You should be able to do it the same way that you did Cedar's Mountain.

  7. I did it. So am I the first? :)

  8. Another fun day in the great capital city! Hartford actually is looking quite good in that top photo, you captured a nice shot.

  9. R.K.: Thanks.

    Snow: Yes you are. Thanks as it's greatly apppreciated.

    Joanne: Thanks. If you actually look real close, you can sort of see the reflection of me in the window. Took that one from my office on the 8th floor.

  10. That was funny, G, and a little different than I was expecting. :)

  11. Typing some nouns and verbs and adjectives at you, G!

    Love this - a photo essay of the best kind!

  12. Interesting cast of chararacters for sure.

  13. Lynn: Thanks. I really wanted to do something different, so I actually shot an entire story in photos.

    Talon: Thanks.

    Photos like this are so much fun to play with.

    Charles: Without a doubt, and it gets better for sure.

  14. That's a really great n amusing job of deciding what that wierd stuff in the pic could be-
    Alot more amusing than I suspected it would be!
    (n strange-)

  15. Always had that little bit of a twisted imagination to my personality. Hasn't come out very much in the past few decades, but when it does, whoo boy, look out.

    Gets better (or worse) in the coming weeks.


Nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives of all types are greatly encouraged and always appreciated.