Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bad Thing About Storm Alfred

click here for companion video

As promised, here is the bad thing about "Storm Alfred".

Lots of damage. Although this video will show you a small representative sample of what went down on October 29th, I will tell you from my travels the next day, that the damage ran the gamut from what you saw in the video to quite a few houses having trees blown onto them (winds were 15 to 45mph, with gusts up to 70 in some parts of the state).

I won't say that you should enjoy this video, but keep in mind what I told you about the background in the first video, because that exact same background pops up early in this video. BTW, the video clocks in about 10 minutes, so feel free to skip around if you wish.


  1. As of this morning, Mike D still didn't have power, and his work was still closed. Eesh.

  2. I thought I was cold with the heat on 50 degrees here, then I watched you trapsing thru the snow in a hoodie...
    I'm glad after seeing all your yard damage that all mine came down aready in the hurricane winds, 'cause the winds were over 70mph here for this one too!

    Everyone without a nailed home who didn't have to go to work is lucky in my opinion! You live in a pretty spot, even with the Autumn snow... Hope it's melting away now-

  3. R: I feel bad for Mike D. There are some parts of the state where CL&P (the major utility here in CT) are forecasting Sundaay when all power will be restored.

    If you want to get a real good idea on how angry and frustrated everyone is, check out the Hartford Courant website.

    Snaggle: We got spanked and manhandled so bad that it's not even funny. This week at work has been an adventure since some of our regional offices are still w/o power and all the employees have been relocated elsewhere, thus making it difficult to get everyone's paycheck to them.

    It's actually about 95% melted away since the temps immediately went back to the lo 50's for the week.


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