Friday, November 18, 2011

Birds Of A Feather?

Since the weather was abnormally nice for mid November, the wife and I decided to go for a walk last Sunday (11/13). There were a couple of reasons as to why we actually went for a walk together. One, I wasn't able to get my normal Saturday walk in 'cause I had to spend the morning at DMV and two, the wife is on a weight loss kick and I finally convinced her to go on a walk with me.

So off the park we went and because I decided to stun two birds with one pine cone, I took a slew of videos. Six in all, as a matter of fact. Fortunately for you, all are in the general neighborhood of 2 1/2 minutes for viewing time. Aslo fortunately for you, they all cover one general topic: Father Nature. Hope you enjoy this little slice of suburban life today.


  1. Looks like a great walk, enjoyed them when I lived outside the crappy city.

  2. The more blogworld I read the more I realize the similarities of life. Of course there are always nuances but still underneath it all we humans are very alike.

  3. I love taking beautiful walks - that sounds like a fun time, G.

  4. G, I think Newington's gone to the birds ;)

    Seriously, those geese have a very pretty home there in the park. Thanks for the classic New England tour, it's got a very "Thanksgiving" atmosphere ...

  5. Pat: It was a very kewl walk indeed. We took a stroll around the entire pond and park. We had to drive to the lower level of the park in order to get the shot of the waterfall.

    Travis: Very profound, and I agree totally with your statement.

    Lynn: It actually was. It was just warm enough so that the breeze was actually a enhancement to the walk, as oppose to being a detriment.

    Joanne: The geese may have a pretty home, but it's definitely a constant battle between them and the town throughout the year.

    And you're more than welcome for the classic New England tour.

    R: Thankee.

  6. Ah how soothing! Looks like a lovely walk.

  7. Joe: Thanks. It was very soothing and a lovely walk indeed. Don't get a chance to do it much during the spring and summer there, but during the early fall it's less crowded and thus very relaxing.


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