Saturday, October 29, 2011

Indian Summer On Mountain Road

I was doing a test drive of my video shooting skills a few weeks ago and I thought now would be a good time as any to subject all of you to the gradual retooling of this blog from a picture oriented thingamabob to video oriented thingamabob.

Both videos are two different views of Mountain Road Newington taken one glorious Saturday morning on my way home from my errands. Hope you like.


  1. Looks much nicer than the white Halloween you guys have now...hope you dig out soon.

  2. R: Thanks.

    Man oh man did we get slammed last night.

    Trees down in my neighborhood an my house, and a neighbor just barely missed having two cars taken out by a two hundred foot tree.

  3. Could be a good setting for a Halloween horror story.

  4. Snow - before the Autumn colour has arrived! Hope if isn't too bad for you. Heard from cousins in NH yesterday, getting the generators ready and doing all the electric-powered chores done before the power (inevitably) fails!

  5. Nice to get a view of your neck of the woods. Very peaceful!

  6. Charles: It can be at that. The closed off portion in the first video can get rather spooky and eerily quiet sometimes during the day, especially when it becomes overgrown.

    Sue H: We got smacked pretty good late last night and I'll be posting a couple of videos about it on Wednesday. Who would've thunk that we would get a major snowstorm in October.

    Joe: Thanks. It can be very peaceful and relaxing in that section of the road. Whenever I'm walking down that part of the road I'm pretty much insulated from the noise and traffic that saturates the town.

  7. Well, pre-snow, the view was wonderful! I paid my first visit to the US last September (New Hampshire & Maine) and a part of my heart is still there. (sigh)

    I look forward to more if your pictorial studies of your liCal environs.

    Here, in 'old' England, the leaves are changing colour and if the winds abate we may be able to enjoy the season in all its glory!

  8. It's beautiful there. I am glad to hear you didn't have damage from the snow.

  9. Sue H: Thanks.

    Those two states are very good examples of Mother Nature in action and I'm glad to hear that you had a good time visiting.

    I'm hoping to find the time to shoot more videos for the blog and bring better examples of where I live.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    Unfortunately, we got smacked pretty good from the snow. My house/yard suffered some tree damage, a broken fence and downed limbs.

    On Wednesday I'll be posting a video that I shot Sunday morning of what my neighborhood went through.


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