Saturday, September 17, 2011

Many Days In The Life Of Yello Bear (5)

Oh shaddup will you? Until I get to the last picture in this post, this blog still belongs to Yello Bear, not you. So be off with you and let me entertain these good folks in peace. We're still hanging ten at the playground and as you can see, I's getting ready to do a little wall climbing. Or a little wall diving, take your pick. If my nose and face looks a little discolored, it's due to an overly affection doggy deciding to use me as a chew toy. Doggy breath...feh!

G's daughter Jenelle getting ready for a dance competition.

I's chillin' out on the bird feeder, which due to the fact that G is flat broke, hasn't been filled with birdseed since July.

I's love climbing trees so that I can survey my kingdom!

And now it's time for my siesta. I hope you enjoyed this small sampling of the many busy days in the life of Yello Bear, because I sure have enjoy spending my time with all of you. Take and have a fun-filled stress free rest of the year!


Yeah, I'm done.

Kewl beans. I thank you muchly, Yello Bear.

De nada.


And so we come to the end of not only this fascinating glimpse into the life of Yello Bear, but to the current incarnation of this blog as well. This fun filled pictorial blog is going on a well deserved vacation as yours truly tries to decide whether he should re-tool this blog into something a little different, or make the temporary vacation a little more permanent.


  1. Well I am sad, because I know I will be going through Yello Bear withdrawl...

  2. R: I think that we'll all go through a little Yello Bear withdrawal, so to speak.

    But I think it worked out kind of neat. I opened the blog in 2010 with a short story and I closed it out in 2011 with a short story.

  3. Well G, I have enjoyed your pictoral adventures here, n you do brighten my day with the captions. Wish my computer was alot faster so I could get here more often.

    Note: at least you didn't have to worry about big black bears in the bird feeder this summer... Let's hope we're not all so broke by this time next year!

    Best of luck with that soggy nose Yello Bear!

  4. Snaggle: Many thanks for the compliment. I really did enjoy sharing a slice of my world with everyone for the past 1 1/2 years.

    But for the time being, I need to take a break from doing it until I can sort out the various other headaches going on in my life to the best of my satisfaction.


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