Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is Autumn Winter? (1)

After a brief but highly necessary vacation to the dark recesses of my mind, I am back with a new series called "Is Autumn Winter?" This particular series covers the seasonal switch leading up to Christmas. So we're not getting too far behind with our seasons, eh? Here we have Autumn/Winter 2010, and where you's at, its Spring/Summer 2011.

 The building that you see used to the be the original modern version of what is now know as the CT Children's Medical Center. Back when I was a kid, it was called The Newington Children's Hospital, and before that, it was called The Newington Crippled Children's Hospital. It's now a professional medical office building where Hartford Hospital has some of its back room facilities (A/P, A/R for example) located. The foreground is where in years gone by, a carnival would sometimes set up shop. However, due to this particular event happening in the 1940's, that type of carnival is now a thing of the past and the modern equivalent is now held annually in July, which is called, "The Mill Pond Extravaganza" and which can be found in the 2010 archives.

This was a tree in my backyard that we had a contractor who was doing the outside of the house (summary, the contractor in question is now being sued by mother for shoddy workmanship, among other things) chainsaw to pieces. It was very dead, very tall, and because it was very dead and very tall, it had to come down. About the only thing that is left, since the bulk of it was hauled to the campground up in Litchfield, is that stump and a few larger pieces of trunk.

Holly in her new hiding place, which was built, designed, created and put together by my very talented daughter Jenelle. And you thought the only things she could do was skate and dance? Au contraire, my talented ambidextrous daughter can also paint, draw and create as well. A few of her drawings have made to the annual town hall exhibit for talented school children (K-12) for the past couple of years. Anyways, Holly was looking for a place to chill out, so this was as good as a place as any to do so.

The wife. A week from yesterday (6/3) will be our 22nd wedding anniversary. The rest of the stuff you see is the interior of my basement den. The boxes on the right contain stuff (not sure what); the box on the left contain copies of my books. And yes, that is a window that you can just barely see on the left as well.

Downtown Newington. On the center green. To the left is the Congregational Church. To the right is a pine tree. Directly in your view is a decorated lamppost. Not even a clue as to why I took this picture.


  1. Happy anniversary! And Jenelle is a very talented cat building architect. Earl Grey and Lucky are jealous!

  2. R: Thankee, thankee, thankee.

  3. Teach Jenelle how to install some electric and a/c and I might move into that box myself.

  4. Bearman: yowza, sad to think about housing that way...

  5. It's amazing how just a simple box can keep a cat enthralled and occupied. I'll bet your daughter had a blast designing that!

    And raising my coffee cup (decaf) in an Anniversary toast to you and your wife ... Cheers :)

  6. Joanne: If I remember correctly, it took her quite a few hours to create.

    And thanks for the wishes.

    Charles: Thankee for the wishes.

  7. I like Holly's neat house - very creative of your daughter. This makes me miss having a cat.

    And happy anniversary - that is a long time to be married!

  8. Lynn: Thankee.

    Yeah, 22 years is a long time. Been together for 24 years overall.

  9. Happy Anniversary, G! Isn't it shocking how quickly the decades fly by? Our anniversary is next week and it will be 31 years and I can't believe it - it feels like we got married only a few years ago.

    Holly's house is fabulous!

  10. Talon: Thankee.

    31 years? Outstanding!

    Hope yours will be as good as mine.

  11. Happy almost 22 years -- coolness, G! You and she got Jim and me beat by over 2 years on the wedding thing.

    As is Jenelle's Holly house (I at first typo-ed Holy house.) :)


  12. Jannie: Thanks. 22 years of holy matrimony and 24 years of togetherness overall.

  13. Here a bit late, but in time to Say

    Happy Anniversary G n Wife!


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