Saturday, February 19, 2011

Newington's Annual Waterfall Festival (4)

So much for the interlude. Let's check out a few more sights and sounds of the Waterfall Festival, shall we?

This was a resident duo that sort of mixes its live music with prerecorded stuff. They were okay, I guess.
The reason as to why some of the pictures didn't come out to well was that 1) I had to stay behind the police tape and 2) disposable camera. As much as I try to take relatively good pics, disposables do have a glaring disadvantage to them, and if you know anything about photography, you can probably figure out what that is, especially if you look at this picture, which is a mad pumpkin and a mad flower wrapped in a straitjacket.

This one is a mountain/valley/river scene. By this time there were some areas that weren't roped off, simply because the drawing part of the contest was starting to wind down (hence some of the people milling around the artwork).
Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Girl at the edge of pond (?).



  1. I think that we all want summer right now.

    I spent today doing my errands wearing a fleece hoody in the mistaken belief that it was going to get warmer that 40 degrees without the wind.

  2. I love the name - a Waterfall Festival.

    And I love that art of Alice falling through the rabbit hole!

    We had a tease of warm weather and now we're preparing for yet more snow...sigh...

  3. The Alice artwork is striking.

    Good pics, G.

  4. Talon: Yeah, it's a pretty cool name. Kind of neat to name something after an item that is featured prominantly on our town seal.

    Same here, a touch of warm weather last week and now we're supposed to be sandwiched with a snowstorm on Monday and one on Friday.

    David: Thanks.

    I'm amazed by some of the arwork that these local people produce. Makes me really wonder what they do with other types of art forms.

    You should some of the artwork that the school students produce for an annual showcase at the town hall. Some of the stuff is simply mindboggling.

  5. Summer is pretty over-rated in my books. :)

    But that festival looks lovely indeed.

    Sunset looked like a tornado!!


  6. Jannie: Yeah it does at first glance.

    The festival is pretty cool as its a way for the town to wrap up the summer season with a bang.

    Previous year they had the high school marching band perform a couple of numbers.


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