Saturday, February 5, 2011

Newington's Annual Waterfall Festival (2)

Welcome my friend, so glad you could join me on this current journey through another section of my wonderful hometown of Newington, CT.

Here are two more examples of work done by the junior artists. As you can see it was a pretty fantastic Indian summer kind of day to hold the festival. The picture in the forefront is of a frog resting on a couple of lily pads. The picture in the back looks like to be a rocket ship in a corn field (at least that's the best I can make of it).

This is typical of the kind of crowds and vendors that you'll see at the festival. The trees are already starting to be painted from Mother Nature's palette of colors, and yes, quite a few of the shops and restaurants were open during the festival as well. And now, without further ado, I present to you, the main attraction of this  post. I will forgo captioning for the rest of this post and simply let you enjoy the artwork on its own merit.


  1. That looks like a neat event.

    Love the bit at the bottom, "Mine, not yours!"

  2. I love the microphone shot, looks like something straight out of the 50's.

    Excellent stuff!

  3. r: It is. It's only in the past few years that I've really taken an interest in it.

    Before, I would just get annoyed becaue a street was closed off gumming up my morning routine.

    It really is a cool town event to visit.

    Got a better way of saying "hands off"? :D

    Joe: I thought that microphone was really cool. Reminds me of early Elvis. I think that the average time spent was probably about four to five hours. When I got there, some were complete and some were in various stages of completeness.

  4. That's alot of fun art pieces- too bad they're so temporary.

    Wonderful pictures! I almost feel warm looking at the bare legs in flip flops.... But I'm Flippin Freezing my Patooties off right now! Still I love the warmth shown...

    Now I wonder what would happen if you walked all over the work... Would you get arrested? (I'm sure 2 year olds would do that...)

  5. Snaggle: Thanks. Don't worry, got quite a few more in the coming weeks.

    I agree that you can almost feel the warmth oozing out from the pictures to kill the chill that we're all currently experiencing.

    Most of the pictures vanished by the time the weekend was over as the town reopened the road the next day.

  6. Yes, that microphone is amazing. I admire people who can paint and sketch.

    Summertime, I miss it a bit. But not so much cause it's so hot here. Your summer must be awesome, that festival a great part of it.


  7. Jannie: Thanks.

    Summer is pretty good here, usually it gets to be in the mid 90's but very rarely does it get into the triple digits.

  8. why are you shaking your head at me? because i have a diaper bag?

  9. Sorry, I'm a little bit old school and sometimes I forget how exciting it can be to be a first time father.

    No insult was intended, just a little playful fun.


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