Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newington's Annual Waterfall Festival (3)

Were you able to find what you were looking for in the pet supply store? You did? Kewl. I'm about to check out few more things before going back to the pics. Wanna join me? You do? Kewlness.

Newington does have a few working farms, and a very small local farmer's market on Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer. This is just a sample of what some of the farms produce. Connecticut is very much into the local food suppliers and a lot of the quality (i.e. non-chain) restaurants in the state use a varied abundance of local meats, produce and dairy in their menus.

For the most part while I was there, it was pretty tough to get really good shots of the artwork. Because of the large influx of people, the area where the artists work is roped off until they complete their respective pieces. This particular piece is a classic car with a classic 50's style diner in the background.

This hook and ladder/fire hose also made an appearance at the Extravaganza. If you remember from the last series of posts, this firetruck was the most popular attraction of the day. This was taken at the upper end of Market Square near Main Street. However, I was a little disappointed with this shot. So.....

....I backed up until I was literally standing on Main Street, then turned my camera sideways and got the entire thing in my lens. That has to be what, about four or five stories high?

And yes, once again, my favorite photo scene: Keeny Manufacturing. Honestly, I can never get my fill of taking exterior shots of this building. They really do a fantastic job of landscaping and showcasing that landscaping during the summer. And in case you're wondering, they do take down that water fountain and store it for the winter.


  1. Is it me? Or does it totally look like the guy in the first picture is taking a whiz?

  2. It's you. I think you need to take a really long vacation somewhere away from all the technology that currently sucks the energy out of your very soul.

  3. Sorry but I cracked up when I read RK's comment. :D

    I kinda fancy having a climb up that ladder!

    Ok I just remembered that Americans don't know what Brits mean when they say "fancy', is that correct?

  4. That ladder truck is scary high! (I'm not a fan of heights). Oh, seeing all that sun and shadow makes me long for warmer weather!

    Hope your wife as a fabulous day, G!

  5. Joe: Yeah, R.K. can be incredibly funny at times.

    I've been able to pick up on some British slang over the years/decades, so I would fathom a guess that "fancy" would mean "would like very much"?

    Talon: I'm not a big fan of heights either but that ladder is definitely something else.

    I'm with you, I'm definitely longing for warmer weather.

  6. Keeny is keen on keepin' it green!!

    I think both firetruck shots are great.

    Did you get to sit in the driver's seat? And push the button for the siren? :)


  7. Jannie: No, I didn't get a chance to sit in the driver's seat or push the button for the siren.

    Got too many sirens going off my head to begin with. :D

  8. I miss farmer markets- now I can't wake up early enough for them!
    like the 5p's pic! We have a diner like that in town too.
    Aren't you glad you don't have to climb that ladder at work? My fire-fighter neighbor woman has done it! (note- hers is the house that burnt down in '07). Good job zooming out-
    That last pic is funny with your description as usual! Good landscaping is wonderful to behold...

  9. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I agree, good landscaping really is a wonder to behold. Usually those become my bread and butter shots whenever I can't find anything worthwhile to shoot.

    We still have a 50's style diner in Newington called "The Olympia". It used to be open 24 hours but now its open to I think 1 or 2 in the morning.


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