Saturday, October 23, 2010

Round & Round (4)

And finally, we come to the final part of this latest series. So let's begin at the ending and see what we shall see. And as always, the journey starts after you take that initial step.

The weather was definitely more agreeable this time around as the tiger lilies were in full bloom around the pond. With the way the sun was breaking through the trees in the backyard, I would venture to guess that this shot was taken around 6 in the evening (remember, we're still in the beginning of summer here, so the days are super duper long).

The Keeney Manufacturing plant (they make plumbing parts and supplies) has always been one of my favorite subjects for photographing since I started blogging back in 2008. They have the funkiest water sculpture that I've seen in quite sometime and the landscaping is second to none. I think the reason as to why it looks so immaculate and inviting, is that all the parades that happen here (Memorial day and Veteran's day) take place right on this particular section of Main Street. And I can always get a fantastic shot of those two majestic flags flapping away in the breeze.

Now, you'll probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it, but that is a helicopter in the upper middle of this photo. Apparently some kind of celebration was going on (not sure what, but it definitely wasn't the Extravaganza that will be popping up here in a couple of months), but there were a lot cars and of course, the helicopter, which I thought was pretty neat. Yeah, that is TD Bank(north) to your left.

Now, this is another one of those pictures that I took that I don't have a clue as to why I did. But, let's try to narrow it down, shall we? It could be that I like taking pictures of white picket fences. Or, it could be that I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and trees in bloom. Or....well, I don't know what the third "or" is, but in any event, you gotta admit that its a great picture of what a typical homeowner here in Newington does with their property.

I was going through my birdy phase this summer when mother dearest moved the birdbath from the side of the yard to the front yard. So I took it upon myself to make sure that it was filled with clean water every day this past summer (every day boys and girls. M-F I filled it up once I pulled into the driveway after work and S & S before I took off for my morning and afternoon errands respectively). And as you can see, I had some fantastic feathered friends visit the bird bath. Once I added birdseed, I pretty much had a constant steady stream from May thru early September.

A shot of a solitary bird taken after its companions flew the coop. I did have some fantastic looking birds partake of the refreshments for the summer in great quantities. And yes, that is my hunk o' junk car that you see just off to the right, and my neighbor's house was for sale, but he eventually took it off the market. That little stump is all that remains of the hedge that used to clutter up the front yard for the past forty odd years or so. And if the birdbath looks crooked, you're right. Because the front yard slopes downwards, I had to eventually level off the birdbath with a piece of metal. This is prior to the leveling.


  1. I like the picture that you don't know why you took. (How's that for bad English?)

  2. R: Not too shabby, but you should see some of the work e-mails I get on a daily basis.

    It is a bit infuriating when I take a picture and don't remember why I took some four months later.

  3. It's fun to see another part of suburbia. Thanks G. :)

  4. Lynn: You're more than welcome.

  5. Lovely yard, n looks freshly mowed too! I bemoan the darkness before 6 now...
    I like that arrow in the foreground of the Keeney plant pic... need to click to the large.
    Most of our helio pic opps involve cranberries or medical transport to Boston. They come out ennsy, so I know that was really close!
    I'm guessing that White Tuscan planter in the sun looked better to your eyes than the cam- cus it's in the center.
    Those sure look like some happy, clean birds! So good of you to do all that for them! My birdbath is an inverted plastic tub cover- which was full of wet leaves today!

  6. Snaggle: My neighbor is quite fastidious about taking care of his property (kind of like my previous neighbor of 40+ years) it always looks freshly mowed.

    Very rarely do we have helicopters in Newington, so this was a good opportunity to get a shot of one.

    You may be right about the White Tuscan planter, which will work for an answer. But like I said, a good percentage of the homeowners do a fantastic job of taking care of their property like this.


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