Saturday, October 2, 2010

Round & Round (1)

So yet we embark on yet another photographic journey around the town that is Newington. I call this series "Round & Round" because of the simple fact that these pictures were taken while I was walking in multiple circles. And no, I wasn't twirling around like a ballerina, I was simply walking in one large circle that started at my house and ended at my house. So, to use that moldy oldy quote from John Cleese, let us begin at the beginning.....

...with ducks. Yes, here were are back at Mill Pond park taking yet more pictures of ducks. This shot was taken on the bridge that crosses the waterfalls, specifically, the rocky ledge on the left that divides the waterfall from the pond. The ducks usually use this area as their local bathing hole, and of which the ledge is used as the drying/preening area.

A shot of a duck contemplating whether or not a bath or a swim is to be executed, and yes, that pasty looking solid shadow is my thumb. The white shadow on the water is in fact the sun, and yes, this is still taken from the bridge.

Now this is what the waterfall is supposed to look like: madly rushing over the rocks and forming a foamy pool at the bottom. Hasn't been like that for months and in fact, is probably like that now since Connecticut has been socked with a two day (so far) deluge (as of the date of this post). This shot was taken at the landing on the lower bottom of the park, which is used during the summer for wedding photos.

The flowers aren't quite in bloom yet, but this little plant island is what you see as you approach the landing. Once the flowers are in full bloom it is quite a sight to see. Just off to the upper left is a staircase that will take you to the walk path that rings the pond, and in the center background between the trees is this (please check the second photo).

If you think that I took a shot of about one dozen school buses, then you would be WRONG. If you'd guessed that I took a shot of the trees, you'd be WRONG TOO. If you look real close and squint your eyes until you get a headache, you will see between the gravel path and the tree a tiny bird. Yup, I took a pretty bad shot of bird. How bad? I had to go back to my computer, bring up the photo and zoom in 500%, just so that I can tell you it was a bird. Nifty looking skool buses though, eh? Pretty color for a tree trunk, eh?

Okay, back to the flowers. These two planters are part of a group of five that dot this church's parking lot (first pic). This actually used to be an entrance/exit driveway, but considering that right over my right shoulder is a busy intersection, they got smart and closed it up. To the near right is this shopping plaza (last pic) and to the left of the white picket fence is the church's cemetery, which gets decorated with American flags on either Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day.

And finally, the unknown object. Not a clue on what this is suppose to be. The bench you've already seen in other picture posts, but this, no idea. Your guess is as good as mine on what this particular item is, but don't it look purty?


  1. I love John Cleese. That is a strange looking rabbit. Did you get my e-mail?s

  2. Thanks for the peaceful Sunday stroll. Don't you love the way we get a whole summer's worth of rain in two days :/

  3. Joanne: You're welcome.

    Yeah, it was just a ton o' fun getting all that rain and wind damage compressed down to two days. And the hi temps were such an added bonus as well. :/

  4. The goofy looking bunny is a hoot!
    LOVE him!

    I especially like the pictures of the ducks...good photos.

  5. Some kind of strange bunny, I guess. A good walk, sounds like. And I could see the bird. :)

  6. Carol: Thanks. Been having a lot of fun with this particular blog and I figure since I do so much walking, why not share what I see.

    Lynn: I think it was a bunny. I'm pretty sure that my daughter told me what is was when she first showed it to me.

    At least your eyesight is better than mine. :D

  7. Those are pretty ducks! Don't you wish you had a photo editor to crop out your thumb?
    Nice space in front of the tree shot!
    Now you know how close I am to the gulls you can see in my pics! Lovely plant containers too-
    My thought on the wierd critter is maybe it;s a Japanese cartton character like the pokemon?

  8. What? Get rid of my thumb? Perish the thought. It gives my pics some added style.

    The ducks here are wickedly tame, since people have been feeding them since the dawn of time.

    As for the critter, that guess is as good as any.

  9. I DID see the little birdie in the school bus park, upon enlarging! Cute little guy. As is the thing on the bench -- looks a bit like a papier mache craft some kid forgot?

    Beautiful flowers and share of your stroll! Awesome, G!!


  10. Jannie: Thanks young lady.

    I think doing this picture blog is a heck of lot easier than doing the regular blog.

    No stress.


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