Saturday, October 16, 2010

Round & Round (3)

After a ton of problems trying to upload these seven photos the way I wanted to do it but Blogger didn't want to let me do it the way I wanted (mainly, trying to upload one at time as opposed to all in one shot), I now bring to you the end of the middle.

I would like to say that this is one of my stock shots of the mountain that I took over a year ago, but it isn't. It is a current photo that was taken for this particular set of photos. Note the lush greeness of the mountain and the trees that line both sides of the street. This was taken on the tail end of the incredible long walk that was highlighted in last week's post, and let me tell you, my dogs were barking and growling by the time I got home.... this lovely front yard image. This is the bay window on the left side of the porch (the right side was shown last week, which featured my cat Holly. In this photo, you can see the thingamabob from last week, along with a teddy, a electronic parrot (trust me, we don't need an electronic parrot), a drawing of a potato head, another teddy bear and the reflection of the trees from across the street.
The world famous looking-up-into-the-tree-canopy shot. This one came about in much the same way as the one from a couple of weeks ago. A little while after I got home from my long walk and after the previous picture, I decided to sit in my backyard and write (HA!!). In addition to the pen, paper, lap desk and whatever story I happen to be working on, I also have my camera. Because nothing of note was bleeding from my brain to the paper, I decided to sit back and vegetate for a while. This shot came from that one hour's worth of vegetating.

This picture was taken while I was driving back from Middletown one Friday afternoon, which of course was during rush hour. Anyways, I decided to take a crack at taking a few shots of the boats that were sailing down the Connecticut river. However, a small problem quickly emerged. In addition to having no manual dexterity to speak of anymore, I also can't hold a camera and press the button with the same hand. End result is what you see here: a guardrail, a couple of trees, a few boats, my side mirror and my very dirty and worn out interior of the passenger door.

Another one of my world famous redundantly non-stock photo of the main intersection of downtown Newington. I say redundant because this one features the the flag at half staff, which most of you know is for when a U.S. soldier from Connecticut dies overseas in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm pretty sure that this is the reason as to why, simply because of the blue sign that you see in the center trumpeting the fact that one stream recycling is coming to town (which hit us in late July) and these photos were taken in late May/early June.

Another one of my world famous (redundant, ain't it?) non-stock photos of the backyard pond. Not sure why I took this one, other than the background weather looks a tad gloomy, which turn gives the photo a particular gloomy feel, especially around the edges of the photo. Anywho, you can see a great shot of the shed and a few of the wind chimes.
And a shot of my young two year old nephew Bryce. I would like to give a status update as it applies to our relationship. Previously I mentioned that whenever Bryce sees me, he flips out and runs to the nearest relative screaming his tiny little head off. I am happy to announce that he no long flips out and goes screaming off into the night whenever he sees me. Now when he sees me, he says, "Uh-oh!" then goes back to whatever it was that he was doing prior to me walking into the room.

Not sure if this "Uh-oh!" is an improvement over the screaming anxiety attacks, but I'll take the tiny little victories wherever I can grab them.


  1. That is hilarious about your nephew! The closest thing I've had like that is that a few people in my life have spontaneously said, "Uh oh, here comes trouble!" when I have showed up somewhere.

    Looks like you live in quite a pretty area.

  2. I admire you for continuing on even with impaired dexterity, G. Your nephew is pretty cute - I had to chuckle at your description of his reaction. I'm glad he's now at just the uh-oh stage. :)

  3. R: Man oh man I am telling, my nephew used to go off the deep end for about a solid year. Even squirmed around in my arms on the few times that I tried calm him down when he was off on a crying jag over something else.

    The area is very nice. Like I said, a slice of country in the middle of suburbia.

    Lynn: Thanks. I keep plugging away with the best of my ability. The fortunate thing now is that because I can't quite straighten my fingers anymore, I don't have to worry about getting photos of them as well. :D

    At this point, I'll take the 'uh-oh' stage. Ego becomes less bruised in the process. :D

  4. Love that story about cute little Bryce! He's adorable. I enjoy seeing these photos of a part of your world. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Kelly: Thanks.

    Another interesting tidbit is that not only does he share the same b-day as his brother, but he was born nearly at the same time as well.

  6. I am grateful for tree canopies. That's a lovely shot.

    Yet, sometiems a gloomy backyard is great too.

    Cute nephew!


  7. Jannie: Thanks.

    Sometimes a gloomy backyard can often make one think of things and places that have gone by the wayside.

  8. Hmm, I missed this one the last time BBsitting on a faster puter-

    What I love about uploading alot of pics is when I move the order around once they're in the create window, but instead there's an error n they dissappear! Then it immediately autosaves! Some it just wont move or I end up with a huge, unwanted space later edited out after publishing...

    Nice window! Grand use of the vegitation! n pretty too! Remember this in February... nice guardrail waterview! I like how those crosswalk n traffic paint lines eminate the power cables from the pole! good comp there!
    ooo your yard has wind chimes! I like those! What a cutie on the bottle! A little "G" in training, no doubt- having already studied the horror genre...
    Have you tried throwing a stuffed toy at him each time you say hi?

  9. I liked uploading and posting one at a time because it gave me the ability to plot my post the way I wanted to. Now if I try to upload one at a time, it locks me up after the first upload and posting of the pic.

    Yeah, sometimes I can get a little redundant with my pics theme-wise, but I always try to shoot them from a different angle/different concept.

    Oh god no! Not another little G! Anything but that!


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