Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twinkletoes Ted (5)

...and he still managed to slip away. Cursing, I ran after him, but I slipped on the whale's bodily fluids. Ted ran up the fifty-seven flights of stairs and hopped on the first elevator that opened. I dove after the elevator, but the stinker closed on my fingers. Writhing around on the floor in agony, I heard Ted say, "Fast as fast can be, you'll never find a way to catch me."


My friends, I ran out of words for the short story, thus the lame finish. What I now present to you is a brief descriptive journey for the rest of the pics. Hope you like.

First up is this pic of my mother's parrot. Named "Kaylie", most of the family wants to make parrot fricassee out it. Correction, I want to make parrot fricassee out of it. The rest of the family just wants it to expire either by natural or unnatural means. She picked up this bad boy some ten years ago and it's been a pain in the buttocks ever since. This pic was taken in the dining room, and yes, underneath all of that clutter is an old-fashioned upright piano. And yes, I actually dislike this parrot. Immensely. This parrot though, does have an outstanding vocabulary and likes to talk about our dead dog Cinders.

This is a better picture of my daughter Jenelle. Same cluttered dining room and same upright piano. At this particular point, the parrot was probably in the living room irritating everyone.

This was a poorly taken shot of Mill Brook stream. I was trying to shoot between the links on the fence, and as you can plainly see, I failed. This part of the stream actually runs behind one of the local elementary schools.

This is my cat Holly, or rather this is Holly, whose caretaker is yours truly. Her bed is really on the back of the couch, with her new favorite resting place, the bay window in the rear. Her favorite resting place used to be up in my bedroom, but since the central air went kaput two weeks ago (and won't be fixed until next week), she moved to where it's much cooler.

Same couch, different pose. The items next to the couch are skeins of yarn, which are my wife's. She crochets, mostly blankets and is very good at it.
So my friends, this concludes the silly portion of this blog. Tune in next week when I'll be starting the travelogue in earnest.


  1. I'll bet Holly just loves Kaylie. :)

  2. Fortunately, they occupy two separate parts of the household. Kaylie resides in the laundry room and the basement, while Holly resides in the rest of the house. Holly makes pretty darn sure that they don't occupy the same space. :D

  3. Janelle is sooo adorable!

    Holly is a cutie - I love the smudge on her nose area!

    Years ago, one of my sisters used to have a cockatiel that everyone disliked because he was loud, obnoxious and mean-tempered. One day she came home from work to find her husky looking guilty and cockatiel feathers all over the house. My sister was devastated, but I can't say anyone else was. Before you ask, the husky has long since gone to doggie heaven so I can't send him to you for a visit ;)

  4. Thanks.

    It seems that everyone has a good cockatiel story. I was mentioning in the other comment form that I had the same type of cockatiel when I lived in East Hartford. It liked the wife, it liked the kiddies, but it detested me, and I him.

    Fortunately, the little bugger died of old age.

    Holly the cat I believe would be a good one up match for the bird as she doesn't take nuttin' from no one. :D

  5. I've never owned a bird. I like our birds in the backyard, but I'm not sure I'd want one in the house. Unless I was cooking it.

  6. Trust me, you don't want one living in your house.

    Parrot there comes to live whenever and wherever it chooses to. Can't tell you how many times it gets on a roll and prevents me from doing any kind of writing (computer is next to the laundry room).

  7. Your daughter is very pretty.

    I think parrots always prefer one sex over another. Mine is good with me but always bites my son

  8. Thanks, I'm pretty sure that by the time she's a teenager, I won't have to worry about shaving my head anymore because my hair will be falling out from trying to keep the wolfs at bay.

    I like to think that's true, but my mother's parrot is an equal opportunity biter.

  9. Twinktoes got away... ok

    Unfortunately, Parrots live from 50 to 100 years n often outlive their owners! Get a tape recorder, n teach him new words. tape him, n make him listen to it!
    I'd get some thick leather gloves n soak them in garlic, n let him bite them a few times. It would have a lasting behavioral training effect, I bet-
    That concludes SnaggleTooth's humane bird training tips...
    Remember, the bird was somehow taught to be that way!

    Daughter is so sweet n beautiful! Lucky you- Nifty pretty kitty cat also!

  10. Like I said, the parrot has an outstanding vocabulary, and knows enough words to be an incredibly irritating pest.

    Thanks for compliment about Jenelle.

    And Holly the cat has been trying to do her best impersonation of an outdoor cat.

  11. This is so enjoyable to read! I want to hang out with that parrot. What a conversationalist! Your daughter is so pretty and sweet :)


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