Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not This Blog's Usual Type Of Post, But Sometimes You Just Have To Improvise

I originally wanted to do a series of posts based on the very last disposable camera that I had sitting next to my computer for the past several months. Unfortunately, as of today (5/6), it has not arrived back at Rite Aid.

So in place of that, I thought I would plaster over here, the cover of my forthcoming novel (shooting for a late summer/early fall release date) from Solstice Publishing entitled Line 21. Granted, it is a redundant post, as it was Thursday's post (5/3) on Cedar's Mountain, and Saturday's post (5/5) on Books by G. B. Miller.

But I really wanted to update this blog, and since this is a photo blog about Cedar Mountain, Newington, Connecticut, as well as Cedar's Mountain, I figured this particular picture would fit in perfectly.

My friends, once again, here is the cover that will surely get me into some kind of trouble at work in the coming days and weeks, especially since I'd put in a new order of glossy business cards that features this cover on the front and back side.

As a bonus, here is the brief synopsis that was used in the query letter.

Playing the game of public sex is hard enough when you got the family loan shark bothering you for a piece of your action, but when your symbiont wants a piece as well, it can make you question your own sanity.

Flat broke with no job, Jeannie was terrified of becoming just like one of her uncle’s deadbeat customers. Even though she was able to smooth talk her way into a five day extension of her loan, she was still stuck in the same dead end with the same problem: no money. Still, God must’ve had an ulterior motive, because no sooner than she had closed her phone, a young man sat down next to her and began talking. A few minutes later, Jeannie was holding a business card that could just be her potential salvation from a world of hurt. After a brief, yet highly insulting conversation with her symbiont Aissa, Jeannie was determined to test her mettle as an adult performer. Not because she needed the money, but more to the point of proving her symbiont wrong as well as proving to herself that she could play the game of public sex and still have her morals intact.

Line 21 is not just a story about a young woman’s dilemma in reconciling her values to a new and exciting career, but it’s also a story about living with a free spirit that’s crying out for adventure.

As as an additional bonus, here is a five page preview of the book.


  1. M: The new and improved version (at least for you that is) will be available soon.

    Gotta admit though, that cover really nails it.

  2. Intrigueing interpretation to ponder there! Should def help sales to non-prudes!
    Don't know how I missed this post last week-

  3. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I'm hoping that it will definitely make a person pick it up, so to speak, since the company releases new titles as e-books first, then print later.


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