Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birds Of A Feather Flock To The Fauna

At long last, it's the unknown disposable camera! Sometime, during either the spring or early summer, I shot up my last disposable camera. For the next ten months or so, it sat next to my computer, silently imploring me to get it developed. Finally, at the tail end of April of this year, I did just that. My friends, please enjoy this quiet pictorial interlude sans captions, as I believe that the pictures in this series speak for themselves. Also, please keep in mind that the bulk of the pictures shot were of our feathered friends, because even though there are other subjects, they were shot more as interesting interludes than anything else.


  1. Nice pics! They really came from a disposable?

  2. Looks like a popular place to live- so many cars!
    Nice Tiger Lillies n Lilacs.
    Think I see a cardinal in the tree to the right/
    Is that your chair by the cooler in the garage to bird watch?

  3. M: Thanks.

    Yes they did. Except for the pic of the tree on the other blog, the e-mail pics and the book cover, all the rest were taken with a disposable.

    Snaggle: Yeah, almost everyone who lives here has a car.

    The spot where you see the chair is one of my regular writing spots whenever I want to sit outdoors and get a little writing in, and yes, sometimes its used for bird-watching, although this year I've moved it to near the lamp post. That way I can get betting pics/movies of the birds.

    And we do have some resident cardinals and blue jays this year.

  4. So how come you don't use a digital camera? I agree with Snaggle, there are a great many cars. Mind you that's fairly typical of the UK too.

  5. Joe: For the longest time, I felt that it was easier and cheaper (no batteries) to use a disposable for my photos. If I happen to drop it, I didn't have to worry about breaking it or something.

    However, now that I got a cheesy pocket video camera that doubles as a regular camera, and that I've gotten some experience under my belt with it, I'll be shooting photos with that instead. I got a cable to upload pics to my flash drive, so I'm good to go.

    When you have four adults living in the house, you unfortunately wind up with a lot of cars, including one in the garage, a scooter and a R.V.

    Sad I know. :D


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