Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Spirit Takes Flight And Touches The Canopy Of Life (1)

Yeah, I know, I know, the title of the post belongs more on Cedar's Mountain than it does here, but the original title for the post (Relaxing In New England) didn't do anything for me once I got a good look at the contents of the folder.

We are now officially celebrating Autumn 2010, specifically Halloween and Thanksgiving, on this blog. And sometime in May we will be celebrating Winter 2010. Sometime in August, we should be celebrating Spring 2011 on this blog, specifically a series called "A Day In The Life Of Winnie The Pooh".

Anywho, let's enjoy the splendor that is Autumn and those two adult oriented holidays called Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Jenelle decided that for Halloween, she wanted to dress up as a witch. This is her version of a witch, complete with ghoulish makeup and fangs. And yes, she did wear a hat and shoes that night.

This time, a very scary pose. I like this one better than the first one.

And thus, another Halloween has come and gone. Now we're heading into November with the remaining three. This was taken on the route that I usually take during my weekly Saturday morning errand walk. I think it's pretty cool on how the front yard was carpet bombed (see, I can too use a destructive military word in a positive way) with leaves.

This one was taken on one of my weekend walks. Not sure whether it was on a Saturday or a Sunday, but I one thing I can be sure of was that it was pretty damn cold that day. I believe it was in the high 30's and breezy. Anyways, this one came about because this particular house always had nifty displays in their yard and I vowed that as soon as I was able to co-ordinate one of my walks, a camera and one of those displays at the same time, I would take a photo. And right after I snapped this photo, I spent the next half hour getting caught up with an old acquaintance from my son's cub scout days.

Autumn in Newington as seen on my street. I think that the main reason as to why the trees already look semi-bare was because we didn't have that wet of a summer in 2010. Had a nasty ass winter, but we'll talk about that in couple of months or so.

I do want to point out one major pet peeve of mine that you can see in this photo: leaves in the street. Our town, like most others, has a leave collection, and in order to facilitate that collection, all stray leaves must be racked to the curb.

Not the street. When you rake leaves into the street, and believe you me, there are some neighborhoods that are simply polluted with leaves in the street, two things happen: streets become impassable and become prone to severe flooding because the sewer grates are clogged with leaves.

'Nuff said.


  1. The makeup is the scariest part of that Halloween costume - I bet she didn't even need a hat!

  2. M: True dat.

    Her hair actually prevented the hat from staying on for most of the trick or treating.

  3. Awww! She makes a perfect ghoulish witch!

    Aren't the fall colors amazing? They always look so fake!

  4. That's a pretty vicious looking witch. as for the other pics. Small town, falling leaves. It just screams "Halloween." Where is MIchael Myers?

  5. Talon: Thanks.

    Yes, sometimes they can look so fake that quite often I have to do a double take.

    Charles: Never really thought about like that, but to tell you the truth, my end of town during Halloween at night will often make you look over your shoulder with great frequency.

  6. Your daughter makes a great witch. I'm not sure that's a compliment really, but you know what I mean? :D

  7. Joe: Absolutely.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  8. Love that attack Witch pose! Very Creepy-

    Lovely leaves too- Especially the color in the "Curb" shot.
    We don't have Leaf voolection- but folks keep putting them in the road for other folks anyway!
    I just tote mine into the woods across the road. (n their's too, n in the spring too)

  9. Snaggle: Thanks.

    It really does drive me nutty whenever I'm driving down a side street that is turned virtually impassable because of the ginormous amount of leaves that people throw into the street.

  10. Kelly had almost that same Halloween dress in 2010! She didn't do a full make-up, tho. Still, she looked cute. And Vampirey too.

    I love the wood in your house -- looks cozy!


  11. Jannie: Thanks.

    She does enjoy dressing up, I will give her credit for that.

    The natural look is always a good thing.


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