Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Neighborhood (5)

Welcome back to the old neighborhood, to the old same old same old, to your comfort zone, to your memories of days gone by where the only thing you had to worry about is getting your homework done as quickly as possible so that you could go out and play hide and not seek.

Today's theme is....TREES!

Big trees, little trees, quioxtic trees, trees with personalities, trees with no personalities, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, lovely trees, wonderful trees.

Big ass tree. Father Nature was preparing his palette that morning when a few drops accidentally ran down his arm. Miffed for being so clumsy, he shook his hand a couple of times (but didn't lead them along that golden beach) and down they fell from the heavens and kissed the ground (but not the concrete), who then soaked up the vibrant warmth, carefully caressed it like a newborn babe and gently sent it back up via the roots for the trees to eagerly show off to the rest of the world.

Lots of multi-colored trees in the background. Tripping down memory lane, if you walk this natural culvert, you can basically walk all the way to the mountain via two dozen backyards.

More big ass trees. A favorite photographic area of mine, here is where Father and Mother Nature often compete with one another to see who can come up with the most breathtaking, the most heartwarming, the most soul touching view for the season. You would think that Mother Nature would have the advantage since it is she who has Cedar Mountain at her disposal, but more often than not, Father Nature comes out on top here.



  1. Most of the trees here are still bare. Cannot fucking believe it. Warm up already!

    But the autumn splash like the one you posted here are the prettiest, I think.

  2. R: Same here as well. I was outside yesterday and even though it was sunny, the trees looked positively depressing on the mountain. No leaves, no nothing.

    We do get some fantastic color splashing around here don't we? :D

  3. Geez I haven't noticed our trees, I'll have to look out the window and see if they have any leaves yet........nope, not yet.

    Well apart from the evergreen ones.

    Maybe I'm interested in the wrong things

  4. After the winter we had, those fall pictures seem so far, far back in the past. All I remember now is snow :/

  5. Joe: Evergreen trees are cool, and there is no such thing as being interested in the wrong things. If you like it, then that's all that really matters.

    Joanne: Its funny how the season's are out of what on this blog. I figure by the time spring/summer rolls around, this blog will be hip deep in winter.

    Same here, all I can remember is the ginormous quantities of snow that more than snuffed out the pleasnt memories of autumn.

  6. I'd prob get the cops called on me for following the culvert to the mtn all the time- I avoid concrete...
    I really like the "More big ass trees " pic! so pretty-
    I find it odd the bird wasn't in the BA tree? Nice bird pic for that cam tho- was close!

  7. Snaggle: The bird pic was taken while I was downtown one Saturday morning. I was walking by one of my favorite restaurants when I spotted that little bird on the ground next to the building. Took a couple of steps in and snapped the pic.

    We do have some big ass trees in the area and in the fall they are really something to look at.


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