Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Neighborhood (1)

Good day and howdy doody everyone!

Before we get into the first series of posts celebrating Indian Summer/Autumn in Newington, I would like to announce a slight formatting change. Because I don't have a lot of photo discs on tap for the moment (currently, one developed, one waiting to be developed and one that still has photos waiting to be created), I decided to change the current posting pattern of 5/6/5/6/5 (27 pics per disc) to a new posting pattern of 4/5/4/5/4/5 (27 pics). For you that means six weeks of fun as opposed to five weeks of fun. For me, it means that I can stretch things out until the finances improve to the point where I can pick up a few more disposable cameras on the cheap.

And now, on with the show. Today's post kicks off a new category called, "The Neighborhood", which is pretty much self explanatory. But for those of you who may be new readers of this blog, you should know that one of my favorite places to photograph, no matter what the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter), is my immediate neighborhood and Cedar Mountain.

So without further ado, here is The Neighborhood.

I have taken quite of few shots of this particular tree over the past couple of years and the reason why I do is that it has character, which is always a good thing to have. This tree sits in the front yard of my daughter's friend's house. It has weathered many a storm and many a toilet papering over the past forty odd years, and yet, it still stands tall, proud and defiant of the world surrounding it. You can also see a pretty good view of the street as it gracefully bends to the right. The street isn't very long and in the winter time, the town does a fantastically crappy job of plowing it. Just to give you a basic idea on what the past winter was like here, the town piled up most of the snow from not only the street you see but the street I'm standing on at the stop sign/street sign you see. They piled it so high that the street sign literally disappeared from view.

Another one of my favorite spots to take pictures of is the town green located in the downtown area. The white sign you see is the main sign that is used to make all kinds of official announcements for town events and local happenings, be they for sports, entertainment, or even politics. This was taken from the diagonal opposite corner from where the local Congregational church (also a favorite topic of choice to shoot) sits. Pretty good shot don't you think, in the way that the traffic lights so completely blend in with the trees in the background that you wouldn't know that there were any at first glance.

 This is looking towards the center of the previous shot, southbound. To your left is the back end of the town green, to your right is the local plaza that features Quest Diagnostics, Rite Aid, Subway, Starbucks, Mojo Tanning, Cozy Nails and Stretch's Pizza. On Saturdays, which is probably when this photo was taken, the street is usually jam packed like this, with people either on their way to a sporting event, fishing, or out to the country for traveling and visiting the countryside, or the fairs and festivals. About where I'm standing is where I usually cross the road on my walks from the center, which is due to the fact that it's easier to cross two lanes unimpeded than it is to cross five lanes. And you can see how the leaves are starting to turn all kinds of nifty colors.

Not entirely sure as to why I took this picture. Well, I just went back to the picture disc in question to see what I took after this photo, and unfortunately for me, but not for you, there was no discernible logic or method to my madness as to why or where I took this picture. So I guess we're gonna wing it for a caption.

Here goes.

I took this picture because I saw that the lawn was such a nifty shade of green, especially since we had a distinct lack of rain this past year, so I figure I would take a picture of this nifty looking lawn. As a bonus, I got a good old American flag flapping in the wind. And as another bonus, I got some nifty shrubbery in as well. Ain't it purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty?


  1. that shade of green is like totally fake lawn green...

    damn i wish it was summerish..

    rain yesterday, flooded garage, snow today ice rink garage...

  2. Bruce: Sometimes looks can be deceiving, but I assure you, people out here are fanatically fastidious about their lawns.

    I wish it was summerish, or even springish too.

    That sucks about the rain. Out here it was mostly gloomy with some patches of sun, but no rain.

  3. Looks nice, and it makes me want summer, too!

  4. Thankee.

    I want summer too, but I'll settle for no rain and temps in the 50's.

  5. Nice to see your neighbourhood. Looks very welcoming.

  6. It is a very purrrrrrrrdy place, G. I love the tree :)


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