Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Neighborhood (3)

Welcome to part three of my neighborhood. Since this is my blog, I decree that my neighborhood should stretch beyond the immediate vicinity of my little section of town and cover the area I drive during the summer and fall when I travel to the northwestern corner of the state.

This nifty little house and hot dog stand is located on Route 4 directly across the street from one of the regional high schools located in the Burlington/Harwinton region of the Farmington Valley. I'm sure that they got good food there, but seeing how I'm always driving by it on the weekend, I'll never really be certain about that statement.

A fantastic example of the beauty that is the Farmington Valley during the Autumn season. This tree, that you can see just a sliver of in the previous photo, along with its companion, are truly special in the Autumn. To get this wicked shot, I sat down on the picnic table located underneath, leaned back and pointed upwards.

A distant shot of the Litchfield hills, taken from the commuter parking lot located directly across from the entrance and exit for Route 8. For those of you not from Connecticut, Route 8 is a major highway that connects with US 44, I-84 and the Merritt Parkway (US 5/CT-15). At this particular entrance, the sign points towards north towards Torrington, with the southbound entrance on the other side of the bridge that takes you towards Stratford and Shelton.

Rock formation directly across from the commuter parking lot. Yes, that is my car in the foreground. And yes, I was too lazy to shut the door.


  1. It's still very amusing to me to see the opposite season I'm experencing here in the NorthEast- I can't believe you haven't got a hotdog yet! Cute little outbuilding- Nice tree pics!
    Thanks for the highway info- I may need to know that if I ever get to go visit my nephew n wife out that way. I think your red sedan adds a lovely color highlight to the nifty Rock Formation too!
    You do have a large neighborhood-

  2. Nice pics! The one of the foliage is fantastic.

  3. Snaggle: Thanks.

    Yes, the seasons are just a little bit screwy here on the blog. Imagine what it's gonna be like when we're deep in the throes of Spring and I'm posting shots of from Winter 2010.

    I'm very picky about where I buy my hotdogs from. Prior to discovering Goldburger's in Newington, I used to go to Nathan's in Glastonbury, which of course is a very long drive for me.

    I may try this one out someday. However, someday requires that I'm actually off during the week and in the neighborhood of this place.

    R: Thanks.

    The one thing I really like about Connecticut is how fantastic the foliage can get in the Autumn.

  4. I cracked up at the last shot with the car and the open door. Now that is lazy! :D

  5. Joe: I must confess, it was only partially lazy. The other reason why I kept the door open was that I still had the keys in the ignition and the car running.

    Come to think of it, I guess it was lazy all the way around. :D

  6. Those are really beautiful shots, G.

  7. Lynn: Thanks.

    I do have my moments from time to time. :D


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