Saturday, November 20, 2010

Furlough Weekend (4)

Here we is today, at part 4 of our tidy little series called Furlough Weekend. Shall we begin at the beginning? Damn, even got stale cliches at this blog as well.

This is the road that leads to the campground. As you can see, the thing is 100% rocks and gravel. Great for destroy tires and the undercarriages of cars. Also great for getting stuck in the side should you be foolhardy enough to make room for someone to go by.
This was more of a drive by shot than anything else. That blurry sculpture belongs to that blurred image of a local art gallery. The yard itself contains a few funky steel oriented sculptures and the gallery is housed in a converted barn, I think. The reason as to why I sound so unsure is that for the past several years, I've never really paid any attention to the actual building, only the sculptures in the front yard. This art (or sculpture gallery, I guess) is the first thing you see when you make a quick right after that farm from the previous week's post.

I'm pretty sure I took this shot on the weekend. Not sure whether it was Saturday or Sunday, but apparently I was sitting in my favorite summertime writing spot in the backyard sometime in the late afternoon or early evening when this shot presented itself to me. The reason as to why I can narrow down the time is that the sun often doesn't hit my side of the street until after 3p. Gotta admit though, it really is a fantastic shot of the sun weaving its way through the trees.
Another shot of the front bay window with all the stuffed aminals looking quite forlorn.

Sometime ago, I showed you a shot of what my cubicle was like. I would dig it out for a comparison, but frankly, I'm wasn't in the mood to go wondering through my Picassa Web gallery to find it. Anyways, back in April, the person who had this cube retired and because it is a window cube (highly desirable real estate), it was offered to the person with the most seniority left in the unit. Since he didn't want it (mostly because his current cube allowed him to be closer to upper management), it was offered to the next person in line: me. This is only a temporary home as whoever gets to be a supervisor in the unit will get this cubicle, but until then, its all MINE. Anyways, it took me less then three days to move all of my stuff in, which considering how much crap I really accumulated in the past four years is quite remarkable.

And finally, the obligatory bird in the birdbath shot, taken in conjunction with the obligatory shot of the car.


  1. Do you look out the window much at work? I am in a windowless cubicle - sometimes I don't even know it has been raining. :)

  2. Lynn: Whenever I can.

    The view from cubicle, while not spectacular, overlooks a key chunk of the city. So quite often I can see what my afternoon commute may be like, or any potential traffic jams, road blockage (fire trucks and the like) and other assorted odds and ends. Our windows are tinted, so quite often it looks darker than it really is in the afternoon.

  3. I love the stuffed animals! I have so many it is probably socially irresponsible.

  4. There is no such thing as beign socially irresponsible with stuffed animals.

    You should see some of the plants that my coworkers have growing in their cubes.

  5. I love that shot in the yard with the long shadows, G.

    I'm glad your cubicle has a window!

  6. Talon: Thanks.

    The view in the backyard can be quite relaxing in the spring and summer with the way the sun plays with the trees.

    The view from the window, even though its of a crappy section of the city, still has some redeeming qualities from time to time.

  7. I love those gravel roads leading nowhere very slowly! I wonder how long my exhaust would take to fall?
    I'd love to get out n see that art standing still sometime.
    long shadows in the sun look serene.
    You do fit alot of stuff in the bay window n your cubby too.
    I need windows- those blinds would always be open or up all day!
    Enjoy the view while you can...

  8. Snaggle: I always have an incredible amount of schtuff crammed into cube and I'm forever adding to it.

    That particular art gallery is pretty interesting. They actually have a large metal sculpture of a dinosaur sitting in the front yard as well.


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