Saturday, November 13, 2010

Furlough Weekend (3)

And thus, we begin at the exact center of the picture series, part three of five. You could call it "3" but this isn't STTNG nor am I Locutus. Anywho, please enjoy the view.

This particular picture was taken at one of the local farms that dot the surrounding rural countryside where the campsite is located. Yup, in this fascinating little town called Litchfield, you have farms side by side with $400K houses, a wonderful 18 hole golf course, and a couple of wineries (this winery I believe is the one that we drive by all the time) are nestled in here as well. Anyways, it was a gorgeous Friday afternoon as you can see and the atmosphere was just about perfect. No, there weren't any cows to speak off, as this particular farm specializes in horses and corn. As a matter of fact, the particular farm in the early fall has, you guessed it, a big fat corn maze and a Great Pumpkin Patch.
Another shot of the same farm. I took two because I wanted to make sure that I got it right in the first place. The story behind this and previous shot is quite interesting. The road that I took this shot from is pretty much the width of two cars plus a couple of feet. In order to take this shot without getting clipped, I had to pull over to the side and make sure I didn't go into the drainage ditch, then I opened the door and stood on the seat and runner to get this shot. I would sat that I used the door to balance myself, but a key bolt that normally holds the door in place once you open it part of the way was gone, so I had to have my wife grab hold of my leg to make sure I didn't fall over.
This was shot was taken at one of the side roads that dot the area where we were driving. Most of the side roads are this funky mix of gravel and tar and no curbs to speak off. I took this one because I wanted to give everyone a good idea of what kind of rural is mixed in with the suburbia that is Litchfield. And just like the previous one, I stood on the runner and seat to take this picture.
This is looking down the road we were driving on just moments ago. As you can see, the width of the road is about two car lengths and its incredibly winding and scenic.

The entrance to the campground called Hemlock Hills. Mother dearest has her RV stored up here (season passes start at $2K) and about 96% of the clientele are long termers, which is what this campground specializes in. It's open from about April thru mid-October, and in the winter time, the roads leading into are closed. You can tell when you're in the general proximity of the campground because regular road that you travel on to get there instantly changes at the entrance to road that is about as wide as your car and 100% dirt with enough of drop off on either side to get stuck for hours on end (mother dearest got her RV stuck for five hours or so). Anyways, the kids love it, mother loves it, and Joanne, well...lets just say that in keeping with what I've been bitchin' about behind the scenes and what occasionally makes it to this blog and Facebook about certain aspects of my life, she feels roughly the same way about that campground. Sort of a love/despise relationship you might say.


  1. $2K to go park your RV somewhere? Seriously?

    I think of the wildnerness mostly as a place to drive through in between cities...

  2. Nice country type settings shown- Camping is great because you get to m,ove to a temporary spot n get out of the regular house chores for a bit,. Different settings can change the rut-like mindsets too!
    I've always camped in tents- an RV would sure make it easy!

  3. R: Yup. That's how much a season pass can start at out here.

    And I agree about the wilderness being something to drive through between cities, although I do envy you out in the Pacific Northwest. The wilderness must be fantastic out there.

    Snaggle: Thanks.

    An RV would make it easier, but you'll always be facing the same headaches just like you would be at home, except that they would become accentuated out at a campground.

  4. A pretty place if one likes camping. :) The Girl Scouts made me dislike it long ago...

  5. Lynn: I've always detested camping ever since I was in the Boy Scouts myself, and even prior to that I hated it.

  6. LOVE those first 2 shots especially G. I'll keep them in mind for your second button.

    I would love it there. And nice for your mom. Does she winter in Florida?


  7. Jannie: Thanks.

    No, my mom doesn't winter in Florida. She lives here year round.

    Connecticut is very rural once you get out of the cities and the suburbs, and for my money, both the northwestern and northeastern corners of the state have the best scenary.


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