Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Unfortunate Interruption

Flash! We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of "Floral, Fauna & Aminals" with this late breaking news story. On Thursday, August 5, 2010 at approximately 4:00p, my computer crashed and burned. It is now in the shop getting (hopefully) fixed. Because of this problem, the photos that would normally be here are not, because they are now at the shop waiting for the computer to be fixed.

However, there is good news, in the form of that old technologically obsolete standby called the 3 1/4" floppy disc. My good readers, I have stashed away on a shelf in my room, about 30+ floppys with all kinds of neat things on them. I took down the tray and pulled out a floppy and stuck into that other technologically obsolete item: the floppy disc drive. This particular group of photos are the end result of a two minute surf through the disc.

I'm hoping by next Saturday I'll be able to broadcast episode #3 of "Flora, Fauna & Aminals". In the meantime, please enjoy this special Summer episode called Life Is Good.

Oh, if everyone can do me one small favor, it will be greatly appreciated: Please leave in your comments a caption for any of the pictures you see here. I really didn't have the time to compose anything, so I will use each and every caption that my favorite readers can come up with.

"I heart the ocean" by Lynn; "Noah?" "Yes...God!" by Snaggletooth; "Love floats away." by Septembermom.

"Leave the ears please!" by Septembermom; "Uncle Chomp loves you!" by Snaggletooth.

"A trunk full of puppies = a trunk full of trouble!" by Talon; "Rumble seat Rot ride." by Snaggletooth; "My furry luggage." by Septembermom

"I don't have any cash, but you can have all of the fleas you want!" by Snaggletooth; "I thought this was a litterbox!!!" by Septembermom.

"Burp!" by Snaggletooth; "The ladies love me!" by Septembermom.

"Hey! It's only *called* a hot dog!" by Riot Kitty; "That hot dog looks a little undercooked!" by Bearman; "We've run out of the advertised meat, but have made a substitution!" by Snaggletooth; "Please, no mustard!" by Septembermom.


  1. That first one - I heart the ocean. Maybe that's too obvious. :) Love those puppies in the trunk.

  2. Actually, I had called that picture the way it was sent to me: Angel in the sky.

    But yours could work as well.

  3. These are great! For the last one:

    "Hey, it's only *called* a hot dog!" Big brownie points if you get that reference.

  4. That hot dog looks a little undercooked.

  5. lol! A trunkful of puppies = a trunkful of trouble!

    These were great. The ocean pic is very it photoshopped? Or just one of those really cool captures?

    I'm starving (dinner is cooking) but I think I'll pass on the hot dog - lol!

    Sorry about the ocmputer crash. Hopefully it's easily fixable.

  6. R: Interesting. Will have to think about what you're actually referring to.

    Bearman: Excellent!

    Talon: Very good.

    Actually, I don't know if it was photoshopped. I originally got these around the date of the last pic (2001) from a friend via the e-mail.

    Got a boat load of these bad boys from those early e-mail years.

  7. There was a Playboy cartoon in the 60s. It was a black frame - all you could see was black. Then a cartoon bubble: "No honey, it's only *called* a blow job!"

    Funny, my word verification is "perro," which means "dog" in Spanish :)

  8. Should I even dare to ask how you got a copy of magazine that you weren't even around for when that particular issue came out? :D

  9. 1. "Noah!"
    "Yes... God?"

    2. "Uncle Chomps loves you"

    3. "Rumble seat Rot ride"

    4. "I don't have any cash, but you can have all the fleas you want!"

    5. "Burp!"

    6. "We've run out of the advertised meat, but have made a substitution..."

  10. Those are funny!

    Thanks for the help!

  11. Actually I heard about it from my dad! LOL

  12. Here are my attempts at captions:

    1) Love floats away
    2) Leave the ears please!
    3) My furry luggage
    4) I thought it was a litterbox!!
    5) The ladies love me!
    6) Please no mustard.

  13. R: Oh?

    Kelly: Thanks, those are funny too.

  14. It was great to read what every one added in!
    I am really partial to that kitten pic tho-

  15. You're more than welcome. And I do appreciate your contributions to my little post here.

    That kitten pic is kind of sweet too.

  16. OH those rottweilers!

    Oh that hot dog pup.


    Good luck with your computer.


  17. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, its still doing the same kind of crap again. I'll have to bring it in on Monday if it keeps up.


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