Saturday, August 28, 2010

Places & Animals (1)

This latest series of photographs (the usual four week montage) involves mostly animals and places. Some of the animals might be considered unusual for this part of the state, but rest assured, Connecticut does have more than its fair share of functioning farms, which are quite often heavily featured in our local metropolitan newspapers. And a couple of the places that you'll be seeing, should be experienced with a trip down the back roads of your memories. So, in the immortal words of John Cleese, "Let's begin at the beginning!"

One quick note: All shots were taken in early part of May. I know this because I had this CD developed on May 23rd.

Continuing on a theme from the last series, we are visiting with Mr. & Mrs Duck today. It was a gloriously sunny late afternoon in G's backyard when Mr. & Mrs Duck decided to stop by for another visit. Before beginning their visit, they decided to sit a spell and catch a few rays and work on their tan. They lounged about for a while, checking out the storage shed, the old pool deck, a crab apple tree and a blueberry bush.

Once they got done working on their tan, they got up and began strolling to the back porch. The Mr. was still enjoying the late afternoon sun, but after becoming just a little bit too toasted for his own good, he decided to rest for a spell in one of the many large shadows that populated the backyard.

The misses however, was a bit hungry, so she came in a little closer looking for some of the appetizers that the backyard was offering. In addition to feeling a little peckish, she was also feeling a little overheated, so she decided to take advantage of the cool shadows that the late afternoon sun was offering as well.

The mister finished his brief nap and came looking for some taste nuggets of food as well. However, the second he started looking, a lonely little miss quacked suggestively in his direction. Intrigued, he turned to the right and started to style and profile.

Miffed, the misses took flight to the pond located in the far corner of the backyard. The mister, suddenly worried about the possibility of the misses kicking him out of the nest, flew to the pond and dived right in, and began doing the lovey-dovey groveling that all male species have imprinted in their genes.

Eventually, the misses took his apology for what it was worth, and began cultivating a nice soft spot on the ground, where the cool mountain breeze would caress her...ummm....her....well, I think we should leave the happy amorous couple to their own devices here and...ummm....ummm...say, I do believe that I hear my cat calling for me.
"Coming Mother!!!"


  1. A capsule view of the life of some visiting ducks. Nice. :)

  2. Lynn: Thanks. The pictures were just begging for me to write a short short for them, so I was more than happy to oblige. :D

  3. They are so funny to watch. I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would look at them and think, "Hello, lunch!"

  4. R: Yeah but, any kind of meat for lunch is good (sorry, just had to get that dig in). In all seriousness though, I've never had duck for eats.

    They are indeed funny to watch. The ones around here have absolutely no fear of humans whatsoever,

  5. The Lovey Dovey Duckies! Cute tale.
    You have a pond? ooo Got (had) gold fish in it?

  6. Snaggle: Thanks.

    Have/had a pond. It was originally created when we had the above ground pool dismantled and taken away, but we had less than normal rainfall this year, so by the beginning of June, it dried up.

    When it was full, it did have a few fish in it, which was very unusual because we are miles away from any kind of stream that could possibly feed into it.

  7. We eat duck sometimes for Christmas dinner.

    Ah, Christmas, cool weather. Bring that on!


  8. Jannie: Would be a Daffy Duck type, where the meat is already tenderized, or would it be more Donald Duck, where the meat is plump, moist and juicy?


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