Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alive Is The Neighborhood 3

Yeah, it's time for another photo montage, but this time, I though I would be extremely different by throwing a few captions in for everyone to read.

Background: I was outside desperately trying to get some writing done, when I decided to take break by shooting a few (well, about two dozen) pictures. The first 17 you saw in two previous posts, and the remaining six are here (one was a no-go).

Pic #1 features, as you can plainly see, flags waving in the breeze. We have about a half dozen flags lining this side of the driveway and not only are they purty, but they double as line guide for my brother in law (his now temporarily deceased car is what you see in the pic).

The reason why I was able to get this and the other bird shots was that I had chair parked directly under the tree in the front yard, thus making it super simple for me to get this nifty shot. Sorry, don't know what kind of bird this is.

Same bird, but I still don't know what it is.

One of my better self-portraits. Yes, I really do look this on the weekend, and as you can see, I have the funkiest salt-and-pepper mustache east of the Mississippi. And yes, I started growing it even longer as I'm trying to get it to hand down freestyle off my face.

Another bird, or the same bird. Not completely sure what's what or who's who.

While I wasn't pining for the fjords, I was laying on the ground pointing my cheesy little camera skywards. Not once....

But twice. In case you're wondering about the tree, it is still trucking along, and if you have the ability, please give some serious thought about wandering over to my adult blog to read a nifty (and super clean G-rated) story entitled simply "The Tree".


  1. The bird looks like a Robin to me but I can't see it clearly. Seems like an orange breast, though.

  2. Charles: We get a boatload of those, along with blue jays, mourning doves, cardinals and crows around here.

    Makes for some truly interesting bird watching though.

  3. I love the tree story, as you know. And the self-portrait is great, as it really captures your skeptical look!

  4. PS Charles, orange breasts are what you see after someone visits the tanning salon a bit too often... ;)

  5. M: Thanks.

    And you might be right about the tanning salon. :D

  6. Ha ha, RK's comment cracked me up.

    Nice moustache, it goes well with your image. ;)

  7. Joe: Thank you kind sir. I'm glad that I have an image to uphold, as skewered as it may be. :D

  8. You need to start charging for that bird bath.
    And give me a couple weeks and I can grow some awesome stubble. Yes, I come from a long line of hairless men...

  9. Alex: Thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah, that birdbath gets a serious workout in the summer, but ya know, at the local bird rest area, everything is gratis. :D

    As for the stubble, that only took me a few days, and I've been hairless since 2005 (but losing my hair since 1990). :D

  10. These are some pretty nice pictures! Really enjoyed this post.

  11. Gina: Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the compliment.


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