Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Spirit Takes Flight And Touches The Canopy Of Life (4)

And thus, we continue with our hike up Cedar Mountain.

This was typical of the type of terrain that I'd faced on that abnormally warm late November day. Lots of dead leaves, bare trees and a bright sun. This was taken probably facing south on one of the small landings I came across that day.

Another good example of what I was up against while hiking. Dead trees on the ground, sharp and jagged rocks as far as the eye could see, and a wicked incline that I eventually hiked to that ridge you see at the top of the photo.

I believe that I took this shot from that very same ridge you saw in the previous photo. This was actually a part of the mountain I'd never explored or seen before, so it was pretty cool little valley to hike in.

A very nice example of the mini valley contained within Cedar Mountain. The ribbon that you see is actually a marker that a development had peppered the area with. Last year, Toll Brothers Development Corporation wanted to develop part of the ridge for condos, which would've been in addition to the retail plaza that they were looking to develop. The condo plan was shot down at the local zoning board. In addition to the ribbons that were laid out, they also cleaned up the closed section of Mountain Road in preparation for the potential development of the mountain. As of today, the mountain is slowly and surely reclaiming that cleaned up section of the road.

Another shot of the mini-valley aread. Off to the right and out of view of the picture, was a wickedly steep ridge that took me forever and a day to hike up. Viewing that particular ridge that I climbed from the front side gave me absolutely no hint on how steep it really was. But it was all worth it..

Because I wound up on a medium sized flat outcrop that the locals usually hung out on, which allowed me to take this very cool panaromic shot of southwest Newington looking towards New Britain. And no, you can't see my street from this pic, as it's off to the lower extreme right and out of view.


  1. That's beautiful. Condos would have sucked.

  2. Yup.

    I think that they're trying again with another proposal because signs for a website have been popping up all over town this week.

  3. David: Thanks.

    That's why in spite of everything going on in my life, I always enjoy calling Newington my home.

  4. Whoa- what a closer!
    Brave of you to do all that hiking too- Did you bring a trail buddy?

    I do like all these tree pics- but still haven't spotted a cedar tree...

  5. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I usually go hiking by myself and I always bring my cell phone with me.

    It's funny, but I'm pretty sure that Cedar Mountain doesn't have anymore cedar trees on it, or if it does, I'm just not hiking in the right area.


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