Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun, Diversión, Family, Familia (1)

And we're back with yet another series of photos designed to keep you warm through these cold December/January days, for that's how long this particular series will last. The first part of the series will concentrate on fun, with the second part concentrating on family.

The first batch of photos were taken during Newington's July 4th (held on July 19th) Extravaganza, so of course we start off with a shot of the old red, white and blue. On this day, where this flag was hanging, this was the only naturally cool spot that my weary bones actually enjoyed. Why?

Well...if you click on the photo to enlarge, you will see that the lunchtime temperature starts with the number 9. Did I mention that there was absolutely no breeze that day? Did I also mention that they were no clouds in the sky to speak of? Did I mention that the air was just a tad moist? Finally, did I mention that it got hotter and the temperature briefly started with the number 1? Factoid: The bank sign that you see stands for the Connecticut Bank & Trust, of which back when I was a child was a well respected bank. However, corruption back then caused the bank to become seized by the FDIC and thus was merged out of its 100+ year existence by Connecticut National Bank, which was eventually merged into Fleet Bank, which merged with BankBoston, which finally merged into Skank of America.

Anyways, every year its held in Mill Pond Park, but this year was the first time that in addition to the arts & crafts, assorted vendors, beer garden and sound stage, a carnival and a petting zoo were added to the mix. This shot was taken from across the public library which even though people were partaking of the Extravaganza, was used as a temporary cooling off place by the various visitors of the Extravaganza (like myself).

I took this shot because I wanted to give everyone a basic idea of how many visitors we had to the Extravaganza that day, as well as what kind of rides there were. Not much really to add other than you can see just how cloudless it was that day. I'm telling you, it was extremely hot, and fortunately for me, I didn't shave my head that day, so I wasn't forced to choose between razor burn and sunburn.

This wasn't really one of my best crowd shots, but to the right was one of those vendors that you usually see wandering about during parades. The yellow tent is where people sat to eat, rest and/or watch the various performers on the concert stage.


  1. Skank of America! LMAO! I'll remember to consult you when a merger happens in my area...

  2. My employer has a special hatred for Skank of America. Even though my paycheck is drawn from that bank, that bank has managed to have ever serious problem that one can have to inflict on a consumer that you could possibly think of.

    The are so anti-consumer and sometimes anti-business (unless you're a huge business, then they suck up to you about 98% of the time) that my disdain for them actually bleeds through the telephone whenever I have to talk to a staff member about them.

  3. Oh, but it's great to see green again! And short-sleeved shirts after a weekend of cold and snow!

    Skank of America - lol!

  4. Talon: It's alway great to see green, especially this kind of green during the cold winter months.

    Yeah, this is no love lost for the B.o.A. corporation where I work. Everyone and their grandparents despises the corporation like no other.

  5. Oh I'm SO glad I read this today! I am freezing my patooties off in here- n you warmed me up! Green n 90 to 100 Ah!
    Skank really cracked me up- very funny!
    Wow, we had a July Carnival too, but I didn't get there due to it running only while I had to work. Lucky you got pics!
    This indeed is a wonderful idea for winter posting...

  6. Snaggle: Thanks.

    Right now, there is a seasonal gap of about five months between what I got for shots and what the actual season is.

    The fall and winter stuff that I took will probably make it to the blog sometime in the early spring.

    "Skank" is our pet name for BoA here because they've been such a bad bank in all aspects of the financial world here.


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